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Justice League Heroes

PSP, ReviewsJoel Szerlip
Justice League Heroes


Who doesn’t love super heroes? I myself am a huge fan of pretty much everything super hero. I am not the biggest comic buff, but I can hold my own, and when it comes to movie and video games I am all over it. When I heard that Warner Bros. was working on a Justice League game I really though the potential was written all over the title. Now that the game has been released I have to say that it is just great to see that comic books are making so many transitions into video games. But can Justice League Heroes for the PlayStation 2 continue this great streak of comic book games? Read our full review to find out!


Never heard of the Justice League? Well in-fact some may surprised that the roots of the Justice League series goes all the way back to the 1960’s where it first got its start and from there it has expanded on to bigger and better things. One of the more recent highlights for the franchise can be found on Cartoon Network, which from what I have heard, is pretty popular. Now there is a game which a lot of people have been curious to see the final results. Well the game is out and here is out take on it.

The story for any super hero game is really a key component to that’s game success, and really storytelling is half the battle. The story in Justice League Heroes is actually one of the game’s strongest cards, and it is played quite a bit throughout the game. The game throws in the typical idea of Braniac (the bad guy) who is once again up to no good and it is once again your job as the Justice League to solve the problem. The story in the game holds true to what you would find from the animated series, and fans of anything Justice League or even DC Comics will really enjoy the storyline of this game.

So let’s talk about Justice League Heroes which would easily be best described as an over the top action RPG. One of the strongest features that this game contains is that you’re not just one of the super heroes, you actually get to play as seven of them, which include of course both Batman and Superman. The game doesn’t give you full control over which character you’re going to be for the first half of the game, but as you progress you will find that more and more is open up to you. The game allows you to play through the story by yourself or cooperative, both being very fun options.

The game is paced in a way that really gives it just a smooth feel and you really feel like you know what you are getting yourself into. One of the ways that Justice League Heroes does this is with the level structure, which is varied enough to make it not feel like you’re playing the same level over and over again, however making it obvious that your goal is usually just to get through the level alive. Getting through the level with the help of the AI (saying you don’t have a buddy to play with) is actually extremely well done, with some of the more responsive AI that I have seen in this type of game for a while. It really feels like your partner is sincerely trying to help you finish the levels.

With having seven characters to play as, you really have a whole lot more variety in this game than some other action RPG’s where you are limited to one just character. The game gives of course each character their own abilities along with their own special abilities, which really do work nicely for the game. The game also makes it easy enough so you won’t have to learn seven different control schemes when playing through the game. In the end, Justice League Heroes is just as solid from start to finish as you would want. The game doesn’t really do one thing spectacular, however the game’s story and gameplay combine to just make one solid super hero adventure.


Visually I am not the biggest fan of the over the top RPG view that in my mind gets rid of a dimension of the game that is lost by that camera angle. However with that being said, the amount of detail that goes into most of the environments is actually a pretty impressive and some are heavily destructible, which adds some flavor to the game. The character models are more on the "bleh" side, which makes them very identifiable, but just not all that great to look at. Sure the PS2 is getting to the end of its life cycle, but the game still could have used more detail in a lot of major areas.

Fun Factor

Even with not being a fan of the over the top view for the game, the rest of the experience really is one that brings a very enjoyable time from start to finish. The game has a great storyline that starts off exactly how you would expect, but as you go through the game really takes advantage of the franchise and of the new animated series. The voice acting, although not the same from the cartoon, also really does help make the game experience even more enjoyable. The game just flows well and if you like comic book heroes you’re going to like your experience in Justice League Heroes.


This is not a ground breaking or revolutionary action RPG, nor will it probably say it is either. What Justice League Heroes is, is an all around well developed action RPG that combines both a great story and solid gameplay to make a well defined gaming experience. If this game sounds intriguing, then all I have to say is take that intrigue and go out and takes this game for a spin. I really believe it is worth the short.

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