LocoRoco 2


The PSP hasn’t had that many titles that I can go back and say you should really go play this game. I still believe the PSP is a great handheld system it just hasn’t been developed for, and when it has it hasn’t been pretty. The only top tier games we have seen on the PSP has been coming from Sony studios and even those haven’t been sure successes. One of the few games that I have recommended in the past was LocoRoco a cute colorful adventure experience that is hard to describe but enjoyable to play.


At its core LocoRoco 2 is a puzzle game but its not necessarily a puzzle game in the most conventional sense. You won’t be stacking up colored blocks, or moving pieces around, instead you play as a little blob going through very colorful environments collecting fruit as you go. The controls are as simple as they can be, using only the bumper buttons to tilt the screen to move your character.

Has much changed from the original? The main core from the original game is still intact, and there have been some minor additions to add to this core mechanic but for anyone who has played the original you will be able to jump right in. The story is a continuation of the original, and like I said a few years back the story has a place in the game just not necessarily interesting enough to be put in the review. I will say this the developers did take the story a little more seriously in this game and did a much better job this time around.

Outside of the core game, LocoRoco 2 is packed full of mini games that can wet your appetite outside of the main experience. This is something that I don’t think enough PSP games take into account and it really does work quite well in LocoRoco 2. I like how the developers made this game accessible both for long runs and short quick bursts something that the first didn’t do as good of a job of.

Difficulty wise this game is very comparable to the original, there are going to be some levels that give you more problems then others, but the variety in this game is key and really works to its advantage. I don’t always talk about many games sound tracks, usually they are an afterthought, but the music in LocoRoco 2 not only compliments the game but actually makes it better.

LocoRoco 2 might not be as unique or fresh as the original, but it does enough in the gameplay department to continue to make LocoRoco 2 a great game.


LocoRoco 2 is a beautiful game, there is no doubt about it. The beautiful color palette really compliments this very simplistic and soothing experience The game has really improved from the original however giving a lot more diversity in the levels and just an overall polish that we didn’t see in the original. This is not a game that will match up to some of the high polygons of other PSP games but it has a beautiful design from top to bottom and works beautifully.

Fun Factor

I am a rare case when it comes to my personal preference. You usually have those who really enjoy the casual games and those who enjoy the hardcore experiences. I am one that really finds a lot of joy in both spectrums and LocoRoco 2 is one of those titles that may not appeal to all but for me it was a really great experience. Being that this is on a portable device I was really pleased to see how the developers made this game very accessible for short and long play time.


I haven’t been able to say this all that often with PSP titles, but LocoRoco 2 is really a great game. If you enjoyed the first, or are interested in getting into the series, then I would highly recommend checking this game out. Plus you can’t beat the $20 price point, that is some serious bang for your buck.

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