Medal of Honor Airborne

Medal of Honor Airborne


It was not long ago that Medal of Honor took its first stab on the extremely crowded WWII genre that has been one of the most over developed genres out there. There is no doubt that Medal of Honor made its own unique mark onto the WWII genre, but the last few outings haven’t been as strong. This is really one of those franchises that people adore but have had a lot of difficulty following on its transition from linear shooter to a more open style, which has been nothing short of difficult. Now EA wants to go to the air in the first real paratrooper shooter. But can this concept for Medal of Honor Airborne for the PS3 really pan out? Read our full review to find out!


In the past, Medal of Honor has really had difficulty adding a pure open environment experience, and I believe they felt the only way to really capture that overall experience they needed to open up the environment, and they did this by dropping you in via airplane in each level. This concept seemed like a gimmick to me and for the most part its implementation isn’t all that exciting either. But let’s get into the review now starting with the single player portion of the game where really the meat and potatoes are in this game.

So let’s get into the single player action, which starts every mission off with a short cut-scene that tells you what your main objectives and landing points are going to be for the mission. Then you’re immediately taken on the aircraft where nine times out of ten you’re getting shot at and have to jump out of the plane in a hurry. Your main objective in each jump is to get into a flared landing zone. These are considered the safe zones, although that doesn’t always mean they are deserted. So you have to be careful when you make your jump you don’t want to land into a firefight. However for the most part the jumps loose their luster after the second or third level.

From the landing point you are then given a list of objectives that you must go and complete in any order, although for the most part you are having to go hit the objectives in a specific order. One of the small snippets that the game does offer up is the weapon upgrade system. At the beginning of each mission you choose three weapons and you will want to upgrade these weapons for quicker reload times, higher capacity, and the like. In general it is not a big deal and like for example I preferred the sniper rifle for 99% of the game, so upgrading other weapons didn’t make it as one of my goals in the game.

What I really enjoyed about this game was the variety. There are a lot of different objectives that you will take place in whether it be to infiltrate a certain building, taking out AA guns, or taking out tanks the game tries to keep things as fresh as possible. To keep things challenging in the game, the developers have implemented a pretty straightforward checkpoint system, and saves your completed objective, but not your position in the game world. This means you still having to jump out of the plane after dying, and this can mean a lot of backtracking. The checkpoint system makes things unnecessarily difficult, and also makes the games a bit longer than it actually is. Another issue is hit detection. As mentioned earlier I used the sniper rifle quite a bit and you can see when you’re going to hit an enemy and many times there was some great opportunities for kills and they would somehow miss. This wasn’t a huge issue, but did cause some headaches and once again some unneeded deaths.

In the end though what Medal of Honor Airborne succeeds in is being a very intense shooter. After playing so many FPS in my life time, the Medal of Honor franchise is one that always caught your attention and this game has some extremely intense and enjoyable firefights. The last three missions were fantastic, and really made for some memorable moments. I have to say that I really got into this game and it made me even more impressed with the single player experience. The more you stick with the single player the more it grows on you, and I have to say it would be hard to put this single player down if you let it develop.

On the other side of the game there is the Playstation 3 Online support, which has some pretty basic multiplayer that works but I never felt that the game took it to the next level. Everything is what you would expect and it all works but it really pales in comparison to the level of intensity that is in the multiplayer. I would spend more time on the multiplayer but it takes a good amount of time to get into a game, and there was a little bit of lag but not too bad. All in all it’s a good alternative to the single player, but I think if you’re going to pick up this game you’re not going to fall in love with the online play.


Visually the game really impresses with its really slick environments, which is really apparent when you are jumping from the plane. I have to say that it is just such a treat to be able to see such beautiful environments from a distance and then to be able to go into them and just see a lot of great detail. There are some weird clipping issues at times, a few weird moments where the physics seem slightly off, but mostly this is a game that looks gorgeous. Overall the game holds up well, during heavy firefights the frame rate stays smooth and for the most part this is a solid looking game. The differences between this the PS3 version and the 360 version are minor at best, and unless you’re sitting there trying to analyze differences I doubt you will find any.

Fun Factor

Even with the problems that face Medal of Honor Airborne I still feel although the single player experience is a very smooth and enjoyable experience. There were a few missions in particular that really offer up an extremely good experience and some of the more intense shoot outs I have experienced in quite sometime. Medal of Honor Airborne is one title that I really enjoyed the single player and was disappointed by the multiplayer, but felt that the single player was enjoyable enough to make for a great experience and an extremely fun one at that.


Medal of Honor Airborne for the Playstation 3 is one of those games that is just a great deal of fun, but the final verdict can’t be as high as I think the developers were anticipating. A lot of what works in this game is followed up by things that either don’t work or just don’t take the game to the next level. If you haven’t already checked Medal of Honor Airborne out for the 360, then I would still highly recommend giving the game a look.

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