Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion

Video games can invoke plenty of emotions in the person who plays them. Be it sadness, anger, fear, joy, or even surprise, video games unquestionably can have an impression on how you feel after playing them. From the start of the game, Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion left me with one single feeling – disappointment.

Orc Attack plot isn't very intriguing or interesting by any means. Humans and Orcs are basically at war because the humans has polluted the Orcs homes. This angers the Orcs and eventually leads to the majority of them becoming sick with disease. Thankfully, the game doesn't take itself too seriously and attempts to make you laugh with the forced humor throughout this painstaking journey that you'll have to force yourself to even finish. There are four different Orcs that you will have a choice of playing with. None of these Orcs differentiates themselves in any notably way to make the player prefer one of them over the other three.

After you character selection you are then put in a bird's-eye view of the world in order to select your missions. Once in your first mission the simple and unimaginative gameplay mechanics became blatantly obvious to me. Right off the bat I noticed that I couldn't control the camera at all. This became old very quick because it hindered me from evading in combat and focusing on areas of the map I needed to focus on. You have your basic light attacks and heavy attacks. There are a few combos that can be thrown in the mix as well but none of them are worth the trouble because your basic attacks will be sufficient enough to overcome the easy enemies that are thrown your way.

You can pick up different weapons as well as armor. These try to give you a different way to play the game but in the end there really isn't any reason to use them. Every weapon feels the same so these new weapons are more of a skin than anything else. The game is so elementary that armor pickups are rendered useless because there really isn't true feeling of danger or death.

There will be points awarded to you while playing that can be used to increase four core stats: Strength, Defense, Agility and Mana. While the first three are self explanatory, the mana is used to increase the Orcs powers. The Orcs has the ability to fart on humans and burp. Both of these are filled with pollution and allows you to set flames on fire to do more damage as well. For some this may seem like fun at first but it quickly became useless to me and at times I even forgot that I had the abilities.

To add insult to injury, the repetitiveness of the game is drastic. Every level left me feeling like I was doing the same thing over and over again with different boss at the end. The horrendous AI was also apparent. Humans don't use any strategies at all. At times they didn't even fight back. I would destroy a mob of enemies with only a handful of them even attempting to engage me. The framerate also drop at times when there were an abundant amount of characters on screen. The game features four player Co-op and unsurprisingly, I couldn't find players to actually play with but I could imagine my severe dissatisfaction with Orc Attack would be slightly lessened if I had another player to accompany me.

Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion is proof that not all games are created equal. With its' unimaginative mechanics coupled by the bland, lackluster plot, Orc Attack is easily one of the worst titles I have played to date.

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