Resistance: Fall of Man


Everyone know that a great and diverse launch title can drive adoption of the new console and get people excited about it. For the Nintendo Wii it was obviously Zelda Twilight Princess, but many weren’t sure what Sony’s first punch was going to be on the Playstation 3. Well to many people’s surprise Insomniac’s launch title was not another platformer, but instead was a shooter. You could see at all Sony’s press conferences that Insomniac’s shooter Resistance: Fall of Man was going to be the game they were pumping up at launch. The big question is can Resistance live up to the launch standards? Read our full review to find out!


Resistance: Fall of Man is one of those titles that really stood out during much of the pre-Playstation 3 hype. For the most part, you could see a lot of depth and detail being put into this shooter. The talk mostly consisted of the possibility of Resistance acting like a Halo type title that drives the console to success. Now with that kind of hype, can there be any chance for Resistance: Fall of Man to succeed?

The story in Resistance is actually one of its strongest suit, as it does immediately catch your interest and keeps you interested for a good deal of time. So in Resistance you are playing in around in an alternate reality WWII, where things are much, much different. You have these Chimera’s that popped up in Russia and are running rampant through Europe. The last European nation left standing is of course good old England, who is growing ever closer to being taken over as well. You however play as Sgt. Nathan Hale, who is an American troops among those sent over to help try and save England. You however end up being the last remaining survivor, and it is your job to stop the Chimera’s at all costs. The story is interesting, non-original, but entertaining nonetheless.

The game does boast a pretty lengthy and interesting campaign that really is only a setup for what is to come from the multiplayer, which we will get to later. The campaign flows nicely and manages to bring a very interesting and steadfast experience that doesn’t disappoint. The mission structure is constantly moving and barely gives you time to adjust to a new mission, the game is just paced really well. As in many shooters however, the single players experience does start to lose some flavor as it goes along. The AI is relatively good, with the exceptions of a few minor shortcomings that for some will be a bit annoying.

The best part about Resistance, both online and offline, is the weaponry, which is just purely amazing. Insomniac has always had great minds working on their weapons in games, and it definitely continues to come through in this game. Just the sheer amount of detail that the developers put into each and every weapon is amazing. Not only that but with this detail comes just a ton of different weapons to choose from, which as many gamers already know keeps the experience feeling fresh throughout.

One of the benefits of reviewing this game a month or so after the release is that multiplayer experience. It just makes sense, the longer a game is out with a new system the more people are going to be able to pick it up and take it online. I checked this game out at launch on a friend’s system and found the multiplayer to be lacking some life, but now in January the servers are just flowing with amazing games. The multiplayer supports up to forty players, let me repeat that, forty players. Now let me just say that I have never experienced such an explosive game online as I have with forty players in Resistance. I can easily say the first time I jumped online I was immediately impressed, and from then on, was absolutely hooked. What is even more impressive about having such large games is that there is relatively no lag to speak of, which is just an extremely great accomplishment.

Is Resistance’s gameplay revolutionary or engaging enough to be lumped in the same category of Halo? Well it does probably come close to that, but then again I am not sure it was necessarily the intention from Insomniac. Resistance, for whatever its worth, is a great game that manages to really use this new Playstation 3 hardware to its advantage. It is not a revolutionary shooter, but it is one that will keep PS3 owners happy for quite some time.


Insomniac has always been successful with the visuals of the Ratchet and Clank franchise, and they continue to impress with Resistance on the PS3. For the most part this is a fully next generation gaming experience, with just a few slight hints of last generation graphics. The game runs extremely smooth through, with great amount of detail and just top notch animations. Whether you are talking about the glass effects or the bullet effects, or even the grenade animations you can see the level of detail in this game is top notch. Overall, there are some environmental issues that I think could have been improved, but the overall look of Resistance is still fantastic.

Fun Factor

I was not sure what to expect from Resistance, although I did believe that it was either going to be a huge success or just a so-so experience. Resistance definitely exceeded my expectations both online and offline, with some of the better gameplay and visuals I have seem from a shooter as of late. Resistance has a lot of great aspects that really translated into, by far, the most entertaining experience on the Playstation 3 so far. The game plays amazing online, and although not perfect, plays well offline as well.


In the end, Resistance: Fall of Man is by far the most impressive Playstation 3 launch title out of the mix. This is a game that offers just a really expansive FPS experience of 2006, and fans of the genre who own a PS3 should really not be left without this title.

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