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I have been a major advocate for more trivia based video games for a long, long time. Have you watched prime time television recently, there are still a handful of these game shows still making headlines and people are still watching. I am a big believer that bringing everyone together for a great trivia experience cannot be beat. Buzz! has been Sony’s front running game show host on the Playstation 2, and is making his way for the first time on the Playstation 3. So how does the final product end up? Read our full review of Buzz! Quiz TV to find out.


Although Buzz! has never experienced the same sort of popularity here in the United States as it has across the pond in the UK. Reasons for that really aren’t all that important, but the bottom line is, Sony has really been pushing their first PS3 release of Buzz! Quiz TV with some heavy marketing and the hope of new found success? So what have they done to bring in new users?

Let me just get one thing straight, if you have played the PS2 versions of Buzz!, you will be right at home with Buzz! The outer shell of Buzz! for the PS2 is still very much intact here on the PS3, but that is not to say things haven’t changed. One of the initial shockers for me was Buzz! partner in crime Rose is no longer part of the experience. We did an interview with the producer of Buzz! Quiz TV who said that it was to focus more on the player which is an interesting change, and I think it does take something away from the game show experience.

The core offline experience is all still intact. This time around the buzzers have gone wireless which is a huge upgrade over the often tangled corded buzzers. The only downside is that you’ll need a slew of AA batteries (two per buzzer) to power the wireless buzzers which are shaped and function the same as the past PS2 buzzers. now just wireless. But this was a necessary step forward for the series, and having wireless buzzers just makes it easier to get everyone around the TV comfortably and play.

So let’s talk about just sitting down to play Buzz! Quiz TV with just a normal game, with a pick up and play atmosphere. Things haven’t changed much in this category, it is still ultra simple to play this game, there hasn’t been anything made more difficult then needed. Depending on how long you choose to have the game last you will have different varieties of modes to play through. My favorite Pie Fight, a staple for the series, makes a return and still has you throwing pies at opponents faces if you can get a question right. What I really liked about this year’s Buzz! is how diverse the games questions are. Sure some of them are a bit on the easy side, but there is a lot more multimedia going along with the questions that really helps bring players into the game.

What really makes Buzz! Quiz TV special is not necessary the game that comes in the box which on its own merits is quite impressive, but instead the downloadable content for the game. Now you can download quiz packs on PSN and also rate and play user created quiz’s as well. This is a brilliant way of getting players involved in the whole process of the game and already shortly after the release of the game we are seeing huge dividends paid off by this feature. Having this really unlimited potential for expansion on a game does help when making the initial purchase and I think it was a needed idea on Sony’s part for this game.

Online play is available online, for players to test their trivia knowledge against the rest of the world. Something is missing when not playing Buzz! with friends in the same room as you, but the inclusion of this mode does help for those who want to get their Buzz! on even when no one else is around.


Buzz! Quiz TV has taken the first step to take Buzz! into the HD era, and to do that they have made some necessary upgrades. For one Buzz himself looks a lot brighter, and more defined, and in my opinion somewhat dashing of a TV host. The menu’s and presentation of the game have gotten some solid upgrades as well making the whole experience feel more like something you would watch on TV and maybe even participate in. Overall its not a perfect looking game but it looks pretty solid nonetheless.

Fun Factor

Buzz! Quiz TV is all about bringing the family and friends together for a great trivia experience. The experience for me is truly captivated by all of these new features that really bring this game to the next level. For veteran fans of the series there is enough new in the experience to warrant the upgrade, and there is enough new content being made available on the PSN both user created and download packs that help to make this a very enjoyable and impressive outing.


Buzz! has never had all that strong of a presence here in the United States, but I think that may all change here on the first PS3 outing. Not only does this game help bring in casual gamers to the PS3, but it is a game that brings everyone together for a true game show experience. If your even somewhat a fan of game shows or even the Buzz! franchise, Buzz! Quiz TV is a must have game this holiday season.

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