Racing games aren’t all that unfamiliar to gamers, in fact we see a handful of good to great racing titles each year hit the consoles. There are usually one or two racers that we know about going into each year and then one or two that surprise us. Today’s game, Pure from Disney is their first go at an off-road ATV racing game and ever since we started seeing coverage on the game, I for one have been very excited to see what was going to come from it. Now Pure has been released for the Xbox 360 and we are here to tell you what we thought about it. Is Pure one of the surprise hits of 2008? Read our full review to find out!


With the new consoles, and the pre-release demo’s gamers have been able to get a taste of what many new releases are like before they even release. When I first checked out the demo for Pure it instantly hooked me, and was one of the few demo’s that actually made me want to go out and play the game. So was Pure the game that the demo portrayed but was it only a small taste of goodness?

Often times we have been seeing racing games try to do more then one thing. We have games like Burnout Paradise going with both cars and motorcycles, MX vs ATV obviously going with ATV’s and the bikes, Motorstorm going with all sorts of different vehicles, and its somewhat refreshing to have a for Pure to stick with just ATV’s and do everything they can to make this one racing genre successful, and that is exactly what they did.

Right away you can see that the decision to purely stick with just ATV’s was the right decision for the game. So let’s talk about the racing which has a real unique, gritty style that works really nicely for this racing title. More then anything Pure is an arcade racer that really hones in on being just a lot of fun. The game gives you a ton of jumps to go off of, tricks to pull off, boost to let loose, and races to win. The formula has been done a hundred times before, but something about Pure really makes it fresh and interesting. The arcade feel of Pure is similar to the name, it really does feel like a pure, fresh feel to the arcade ATV genre that hasn’t been done all that well in recent years.

Controls are really easy, and makes this a very accessible experience for anyone who has played a racing game. So once you hit the track there are a few different modes that you can jump into. The main mode of is the World Tour mode and, this mode starts off with customizing your own ATV. Now the customization options are extremely deep, maybe not a Gran Turismo deep, but let’s just say for the average racing fan it will be plenty. After customizing you have a number of stages to race through which have three different race types which includes a race mode, sprint mode, and a freestyle mode all of which are rather self explanatory.

The game does have online play, and its rather straight forward but it works well. The competition online is truly fierce and plays really smooth. There isn’t anything revolutionary here, but the online does enough to make it a worthwhile adventure to go into. The only real issue I had with Pure was that I wish I could have seen more done with the online play, as nothing about this game felt standard except for the online selection.

Regardless in the end Pure is a fantastic racing experience that does a great job giving a customized and arcade racing experience. The gameplay is simple to pick up, more challenging to master, and gives one of the freshest racing experiences I have experienced all year.


One of the best aspects of Pure is the style of the game, there is no denying that the style of Pure plays a heavy role in the enjoyability of the game. The style of Pure is beautiful for one, but secondly it really makes you feel like you are part of the gritty experience of riding an ATV. Whether your making a major jump into the beautiful skyline, The whole atmosphere of Pure is truly fantastic, and what really ties the whole experience together is that the games frame rate stays smooth from start to finish making this just a gorgeous game to look at.

Fun Factor

Through all of the time that I played Pure on the Xbox 360, I kept trying to remember a racing game that I enjoyed this much. The last game was probably Burnout Paradise, and what this game does similar to Burnout Paradise, is that it hits the arcade genre perfectly while still making a unique and interesting racing experience. Pure on its own merits has jumped into a very crowded racing market and in my opinion has created a top of the line racing adventure that combines great racing with high flying tricks to make an extremely fun game.


When it is all said and done, and I put Pure away to go onto my next game to review, I will look back at my time with Pure and smile. Pure is one of those games that although I am done reviewing it, I will go back and continue to enjoy it. The style is superb, and the gameplay flows right along with it to make Pure one of the few “must have” racing games in recent time.

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