Rogue Galaxy


I think many of us, including myself, are very surprised by the fact that Sony is still developing some top-notch titles for the Playstation 2 even with the new Playstation 3 already released. Today we are checking out Rogue Galaxy an RPG that tries to continue Sony’s success with the genre with this latest RPG. The big question that comes to mind is there really anything left for Sony to prove on the PS2 with this latest RPG? Read our full review to find out!


One of the big RPG’s that I remember from Sony is the Dark Cloud franchise, which was one of the most successful real time RPG’s on the market from the last generation of consoles. I mention Dark Cloud mainly because Rogue Galaxy has a lot in common with this game, and really bears a lot of the same great elements that made Dark Cloud one of the more impressive franchises on the Playstation 2.

So let’s talk about Rogue Galaxy and its story, which starts off just slow and not all that entertaining. You play as Jaster Rogue, a young man who is out to save the world. The game takes place in a pretty desolate type area Rosa that is kind of a page of out a typical sci-fi style environment. The story is definitely a mixed bag of some interesting RPG elements and some not so original. The story definitely feels like it could have been better, however as you get the indication that a lot of these story elements have been done before.

If you went into this game knowing absolutely nothing about Rogue Galaxy, you would probably guess that this was a turn based RPG. The style of the game at first warrants this style gameplay, however the developers did decide to go to the real time route, which I think is one of the biggest strengths playing in its favor. From the instant you place the game in you will be immersed in a very good hack and slash style of gameplay that manages to grow into much more.

One element I noticed about Rogue Galaxy was the controls, which definitely have an RPG style feel. In fact the game has a pretty extensive menu system, which is used for items you may be picked up and things that you might want to equip. The menu systems are very easy to maneuver through and make the game easy to pick up and just play. If you’ve played some other hack and slash games, you should have no problems playing Rogue Galaxy.

The one comment I should make is that this is one of the deepest RPG’s available for the PS2 right now. The amount of time you really have to put into this game is just absolutely astronomical, and makes for a game that you could be playing for months. In the end, the gameplay has enough to offer to really make it one of the most prominent RPGs on the PS2. However the somewhat disappointing storyline does make it a little bit more difficult to sit through such a long and otherwise excellent experience.


Like many RPG’s, Rogue Galaxy has its unique style that really compliments the gameplay quite well. In fact, Rogue Galaxy manages to really push forward a style of cel shading that I think works perfectly with the game. The core character models in this game are fantastically detailed and manage to give a great style to an aging console. The environments do seem to lack a bit rough around the edges, but the overall look and feel of the game is very good.

Fun Factor

Similar to the game Dark Cloud, you will find Rogue Galaxy just as entertaining and addictive to play. Very few games really manage to make it hard for me to put them away, but Rogue Galaxy for what its worth made it hard to move onto my next game to review. This is not a perfect RPG, but has some many entertaining elements to check out that its hard not to enjoy this game. Whether you’re a fan of this style of game or not I think many will be surprised by what this game has to offer.


In the end, Rogue Galaxy is by far the most impressive PS2 title so far in 2007. And with the console coming to the end of its life cycle, you can only marvel at still what Sony is able to accomplish on this console. With an already star studded lineup on the Playstation 2, Rogue Galaxy definitely makes it to one of the top marks in terms of RPG’s on the Playstation 2.

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