Scarface: The World Is Yours


What some may think would be a great combination like peanut butter and jelly, the video games using movie licenses have been anything but a good fit. I have said it time in and time again, this is one of the areas of gaming that still really has not be tapped into to its full potential. Earlier this year we did see the ever popular Godfather movie franchise come to life in good fashion from Electronic Arts, but still we haven’t had that ’great’ use of a movie license. Today we are checking out Scarface: The World is Yours, a game based off the cult classic Scarface movie license. Can developers Radical Entertainment bring this action thriller to life? Read our full review to find out!


For those who have seen the movie Scarface, you will know that this is first off one of the more talked about movies in past centuries. It was one of those movies that the more you talk about it the more you really find out of what a brilliant film it is. Now some may be wondering how do you make a game based off the movie’ I mean for those who haven’t seen it Tony Montana dies in the end, and therefore making a game based on it seems a bit odd. However the developers decided to use some of its artistic license and rewrites the movie. So in the game you see Tony Montana (the main character) escape getting shot in the back and basically has to start all over with nothing to his name.

Now had the movie ended like this, it would have really made no sense but for a video game purpose it does well enough to work. And in fact in my opinion the option of being able to kind of branch out from the movie ends up working to the games favor, as it gives us a look at the expanded story. The writing and the storyline, although not perfect, for the most part sticks to the movie style very well. For fans of Tony Montana you will be happy to hear the great voice acting and work done with his character throughout the game.

So what is Scarface the video game like may be a question on many readers’ mind. Well Scarface is a game that has the same sort of feel as a Grand Theft Auto game, in that it is a third person open environment action game. Many of the things found in Scarface are nearly identical to what you would find in the series. What the developers do try to do is separate this game from the GTA series with both the story and the Miami setting. The game does allow you to roam freely and also take on both story based and side missions. One of the key aspects of the game is regaining territory from rivaling gangs, an idea seen in many games of this nature before (aka: EA’s The Godfather and THQ’s Saints Row). One of the big downsides to this is that the game throws a lot of what should be more replay value and forces you to do it in order to further the games storyline, which can be somewhat of an annoyance.

One of the big plus points for Scarface is the variety in the story missions, and this is one thing other games of this type have struggled with for quite some time. The game throws a lot of different mission styles at you, whether it be from a defending someone/something standpoint or taking someone out, they all seem to vary enough to keep things interesting. One of the big reasons the missions work is because of the aiming system, which is a lot more intuitive than we have seen in other games. Scarface has both a lock-on system and a free style aiming system that combine to make a good solid experience all around. The shooting is one of the big mechanics of the game that really helps differentiate this game from others of its kind.

One of the big things about Scarface is that it just plain works, in that it is a game based on the Scarface movie and it just gives a very solid look into a open environment action game. Does it revolutionize the way we look at this style of game? No, the gameplay is a lot of what we have seen, but what it does do is it manages to bring in a good solid storyline with great voice acting and manages to make an entertaining and well thought out experience. Technically speaking it is starting to feel a bit dated, but some of the dramatic elements of the game really help to make this a good solid playing game.


Like many of the recent games of this genre, the visuals are starting to look extremely dated and showing the age of the PS2. However the developers of Scarface have done a pretty good job of making this game from the ground up look pretty good. The city of Miami is nicely presented, with a good deal of detail and just a great feel similar to that of the movie. One of the things that this game struggles with is unfortunately the frame rate, which just does not manage to hold its own to the degree in which you would hope for. The game still looks good most of the time, however the animation does get pretty choppy during some of the more intense action sequences.

Fun Factor

I truly believe that the developers had a big hit or miss when it came to Scarface, as this was a game that was definitely going to be looked at with pretty strict scrutiny. However after putting in hours of time into this game, I have to say that it does manage to bring in a new ending to a favorite of so many people that it just makes the rest of the game just kind of fall in place and work as well. For those who were thinking that this was just a GTA rehash, well in a lot of respects that would be true, but the addition of the Scarface feel along with some really stellar shooting mechanics help make this a really enjoyable experience.


My biggest concern with Scarface is that the genre of open environment action games is an extremely crowded one, one that has a lot of great titles. Scarface is another great game to add to the list, but unfortunately it doesn’t have that killer new feature to make it great. What you can expect out of Scarface is a great storyline with superb voice acting, along with a good solid open environment action experience set in the Scarface universe. Fans of the movie are really going to dig this game.

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