SingStar 80's


The Singstar franchise really got its start over in Europe and was extremely successful over there and has just recently (somewhat delayed) made its appearance over here across the pond in the States. The game has seemingly had a good deal of success, with American Idol, and many other singing shows on TV you can see our general public really enjoys a good tune. So now after the initial conception of the Singstar franchise we are seeing more expansions, or genre/time specific versions of Singstar coming out, for example today we have Singstar ’80s, which of course tries to put some of the best songs of the 80s onto the Singstar title. Can you sing the 80’s, and is it even worth bothering? Read our full review to find out!


In terms of reviewing a game like Singstar 80s there are only a few real big ways I can critique a game like this and it first starts off with their compilation of music. Being that this is a list of music from the 80s, I can honestly say that I have heard and enjoy a good percentage of the songs on here. My personal favorite is the Eye of the Tiger by Survivor or Billy Joel’s Uptown Girl, but there are even more great songs to choose from. Here is the full list of songs, because a big determining factor on whether you’re going to buy this game or not would be based on whether you like the song’s in the game.

If you have played a Singstar title in the past then you already know that this is a game that focuses on multiplayer and really creating an engrossing party experience. Whether you want to belt out a song on your own or battle a foe on the same song in battle mode, the game leaves it up to you. I think there is so much more then can do to make this a truly engrossing party experience, so many more places they can take this game that haven’t been implemented yet. However at the same time the music in this version is some of my favorite we have seen. What can I say, I am a sucker for the 80’s stuff.

All in all, the game does what it wants to do, and that is create an engaging experience for friends and family to participate in by scoring how well you sing the songs. Hit the right notes and score points, miss the lyrics or totally miss the highs or the lows of the songs and you won’t get the points. Now if you have some good singers, this game can even become competitive. But for me and my friends, this was more of a battle of finding out who was the worst, rather than which of us was mediocre at best.


I have always been a fan for the style in which the Singstar franchise has carried since its conception - it just feels smooth and stylish. The integration of music videos really does set the mood up for the music and gives you that true sense of being a part of the music. Sure this is not up to par with the HD phenomena that is going on with the new generation of consoles, but it still does the business for the Playstation 2 with a very smooth style that translates well overall.

Fun Factor

Singstar in general is intended to be a fun, happy go lucky game, that really is just to bring families and friends together for a good time. You won’t be shooting any Nazi’s, or running for a TD, but you may be belting out music like you have never done before. The game’s scoring system seems fair enough, and it really does make for competitive and enjoyable experience. And given the music is from the 80’s it can even work as a trip back memory lane to some of the more memorable music hits of the time period. Sony did a great job of rounding out a wide array of 80s music for this game.


There is definitely a select market that Sony is trying to hit with this game, and it is the same market that is captured by American Idol each year. There is a current fascination with singing, and Singstar 80s is a great way to just go all out in your living room. Sure you may not have the voice of a Madonna but it is still fun to try. Singstar 80s is a good solid experience that I believe most will just really enjoy.

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