SingStar Amped


There is no doubt that the music genre proving to be one of the popular genres in video games, and it seems to be here to stay. There is such a demand and positive response with many of these music games that it is no wonder that we continue to see more and more of these music titles hitting the consoles. Sony has had a ton of success with their Singstar franchise over in Europe and has just recently brought it to the states and hopes to continue its success on the PS2 with Singstar Amped. Can this game take Singstar to the next level? Read our full review to find out!


&tMany of times I will just jump into a review without really any pretense or explanation of a game, but for Singstar Amped I will start out with the basics. The premise for the game is simple - sing, hit the right words and notes, and you will do well. If you’re off tune, can’t sing, and have trouble keeping up with lyrics, this is going to be a little bit more difficult than your average walk in the park. More so then anything however is the fact that the game really is just about getting a group together and belting out some of your favorite tunes. Speaking of tunes here is a list of the songs that come with Singstar Amped.

I have to say that more so then any other installation of Singstar, Amped is the most genre specific version I have seen. Some of my highlights of the list were Nirvana, and one of my favorites of all time, "More Then a Feeling" by Boston. However the list is actually some pretty high quality songs that really do wonders for the game. Let’s just say around 90% of the songs are songs that the majority of your friends including yourself are going to be able to recognize right away. Singing the Amped songs can be a little harder because the songs move a bit quicker, but then again that actually makes it a bit more fun when you’re just making a total goof out of yourself.

Overall Singstar Amped is just a really enjoyable game to sit down and play with friends. The game has enough content and enough variety in the modes to choose from. This is one game that you can enjoy for a week, put it down, and around Thanksgiving when you have a party at your house take it back out and play it like it’s brand new. Sony gives a good amount of music with this title, and although in terms of modes nothing is overly new, the potential for fun in terms of a party game is where the game really succeeds.


Graphical interfaces for music titles are actually more important then many might imagine. The main reason is that for a game like Singstar, if it doesn’t look appealing then you’re more then likely not going to want to get into it. Also friends are more likely to want to join into a game that really has a sleek user interface that is inviting to the user like what Singstar has. Singstar keeps things simple and with the inclusion of some stellar music videos really makes for a strong showing.

Fun Factor

Singstar Amped is one of those titles that like many Music games probably won’t be played every single day. I just figure after the initial shock and awe factor you will put it down. However like many great party games, Singstar Amped can be brought into the spotlight again and played like it was new. Outside of the pure music enthusiasts I don’t see someone loving playing by themselves in this title. But for those who have the occasional party or group gathering and that like to belt out some tunes, I think this game can really bring out some truly fun experiences.


There is no doubt in my mind that Singstar Amped continues to thrive on the success of the Singstar franchise. In the end, Singstar Amped is a good solid music title, that for many will offer up a great music experience especially for those into some nice rock and roll tunes. Sony is known to license some good music and they successfully integrate the music into a solid package. If you like the song selection and are wanting to belt out some Boston or Nirvana, then Singstar Amped is a good choice for you.

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