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The Sims Medieval: Pirates & Nobles

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It’s insane how many different games (including expansions) of The Sims I have played over the years. I will never forget the novelty of the original game and that novelty has stayed at least for the most part through the years. Earlier in the year EA took the “Sims” brand to the Medieval time period with varying success. Now less than a year later we have an expansion pack for the series called Pirates & Nobles. Is this a worthy addition to the foundation laid out by The Sims Medieval? Read our full review to find out.


The go to format of The Sims franchise was sort of pushed to the side with the release of The Sims Medieval.  The game does run on The Sims 3 engine but outside of that the parallels between the versions run thin. The Sims Medieval provides a much more focused linear experience where instead of just living each day you have tasks that you have to complete to move forward.

The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles Screenshot
Much of Pirates & Nobles contains the standard expansion pack sort of approach. What this means is the main draw for Pirates & Nobles is a lot of new objects and clothing. Outside of that there is a new quest line that works exactly the same way in which quests in the original game work. Unlike many who complained about the quest setup I for one actually don’t mind the repetition.

My big issue however with Pirates & Nobles is that the quality of the new quest isn’t as good as what was found in the original game. You would think the developers of the game would have at least shifted the flow of the game a little from the original but that is just not the case.

The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles Screenshot
Outside of the new quest line and new objects there really isn’t a lot new in Pirates & Nobles that pushes the experience forward.


Graphics for any Sims game isn’t necessarily the big draw and that proved true with both Medieval and its first expansion Pirates & Nobles. The shift to the Medieval timeframe was actually a lot smoother then I had expected and the game continues to look good in this game as well. Needless to say not much has changed in this department.

The Sims Medieval Pirates and Nobles Screenshot
Fun Factor

I mentioned earlier in my review that I was actually really impressed with Medieval and was excited to see what the expansions could do for the series. The big letdown for Pirates & Nobles is that it doesn’t deviate at all from the path laid out before it. To me an expansion should “expand” the experience and it gives the developers the ability to give fans of the game what they want without having to do a totally new experience. However Pirates & Nobles is really more of the same which as much as I enjoyed it in the original I would have preferred something at least a little different.


EA has gotten much better over the years at making expansions that are worth the cost of entry but Pirates and Nobles doesn’t fit the build. There is a lot of new content both in terms of objects and the new quest which can add a lot of gameplay hours. On the flip side there isn’t anything that pushes the series forward but really just more of the same.

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