Wheels of Destruction: World Tour


Wheels of Destruction: World Tour is an action-packed, shoot and blow them up, Call of Duty on wheels type of game. Developed by Gelid Games, this shooter puts you in the driver's seat of a destructo-car/truck/suv/boat. Okay, maybe not a boat, but you do have a few classes to choose from. You are pitted against other reinforced, suped up vehicles in an arena where you have to destroy or be destroyed whether it is online or against AI. Use your vehicle to shoot, blow up, maim the other team. There is no main story but only the chance to win and continue your battle against the world.


You have a choice of playing online or single-player, and of which mode to play, like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. I normally suck at Team Deathmatch, because I don't understand the meaning of waiting it out and not rushing in. Since I have an issue with my patience level, I stayed with Capture the Flag. There are power-ups available throughout the arena and assist in giving you better weapons and mechanical assistance. You have the ability to jump and flip, and in certain areas, you can jump up to the upper levels. You can also use the jump function to evade other drivers and their weapons systems. But, don’t jump too much or else you would just bounce right off the edge.

The controls were smooth and simple, but the camera angles were a bit tricky and took some time to get used to them. I tend to make every turn awkward and moved the camera way out of my comfort zone, which resulted in getting blown up because I wasn't looking in front of me. Actually, I wasn’t looking anywhere I should’ve been. After a few bouts and disappointment, I got a handle of the movement and started shooting back. You have to also get used to the drifting and cornering, which is awesome and fun once you get the hang of it. But pre-hang of it, you are going to hate yourself for running to the walls and fellow team members. Post-hang, awesome. Pre-hang, shoot me now.

The classes resemble that of Team Fortress 2 (TF2), such as the Scout, Heavy, Assassin or Soldier minus the Medic. Each vehicle is custom to what class you want to play. The heavy is, of course, a metal-reinforced Humvee with a variety of weaponry on board whereas the Scout is small and quick but can destroy your face if you're not careful in keeping an eye on them. I decided to play as a soldier which was sort of close to the Demo class. I usually play as a demo so I can run ahead and spam the Sentry Guns.

Speaking of TF2, I would have to say that seeing a Medic vehicle would have been not only interesting, but fun to play as. Maybe modify it as a mechanic class to assist in fixing the vehicles as they're in battles, possibly? It would sort of get rid of the mechanical fix power-ups, but they could possibly make those temporary fixes. I’d like to see a new mode such as a survival mode where you and a buddy can take one several types of cars in different waves, and maybe a few challenges. One challenge could be the “Ultimate Assassin Challenge” and the other would be let the brutality begin where it’d be a “Battle of the Heavies”.


Built with the Unreal Engine, the post-apocalyptic art style is great and surrounds you as the battle rages on in the destroy-or-be-destroyed world. The weaponry and vehicles are built with relation to class and convey exactly which you are playing. The vehicles and their customizations are very unique to each other and vary in their strengths and weaknesses. Some vehicles have the speed and others have the brutal strength. As you travel throughout the world, the different locations and environments you arrived at and played on looked awesome and held true to their particularities.

Fun Factor

The Capture the Flag mode was the best part for me. Again, I suck at Team Deathmatch, but I didn't hate it as much as I usually do. I was able to play pretty well in TDM without making me too frustrated. I loved running away with the flag and having a mass attack waiting for me at the exit. It sort of felt like a duel with 6 other people and I was going to lose one way or another. I think I’ve gotten used to dying too much and have finally mastered the perfection of dying with dignity or taking one for the team. I definitely need a Maverick for my Goose.

It is basically Call of Duty on wheels. If you're awesome at COD, I'm pretty sure you'll have fun with this. Each of the classes available allows you to have a different experience, where you can decide which one is best suited for you. Playing online is fun as well, even when a person rages quits, the game continues on with a bot. That replacement sort of reminded me of Left 4 Dead unless you’re stuck on a team of bots then it gets kind of lonely.


The battles you encounter in both the single player and online modes are fun and can keep you entertained for a while. However, the gameplay became pretty repetitive after the first few fights. The camera angles stopped me from playing at first, because I grew pretty frustrated with my lack of ability to move correctly. Once I got a handle of that, it lost the rest of my attention and I went on to another game. Other than the continuous play as you win, there was really not much else keeping me into the game. It's a nice looking game but without much incentive to get me to invest more of my time.