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2011 has already started off to be a pretty special year in the video game industry with no signs of slowing down. Today we are checking out a game that Electronic Arts has been hyping for quite some time. It is the over the top first person shooter Bulletstorm, and we are checking it out the Xbox 360 version of the game. Does Bulletstorm have that right blend of over the top shooting and crazy set pieces to make for a worthwhile purchase? Read our full review to find out.


If you’re coming into Bulletstorm expecting anything but an over the top FPS then you are not going to like what you find about Bulletstorm. Nothing about this game makes much sense, and nothing necessarily matters. The idea behind Bulletstorm is to literally throw you into some of the most insane situations as possible and have you shoot your way through it. What I found even more surprising then the lack of any sort of credible story or structure was just how fun the mayhem turns out to be.

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Bulletstorm is a pretty profane game and doesn’t shy away from some rather outlandish comments. Heck there were even a few times where the dialogue was so over the top I am not even sure what they were even trying to go for. With that being said the dialogue as over the top and extreme as it is does fit into the world that is laid out before you in Bulletstorm. There are a few signs of actual story elements sprinkled throughout this crazy experience but not anything of any real substance.

What helps Bulletstorm out the most is the ability not only to shoot the heck out of your enemies but also the ability to use your leash to grab enemies and throw them in slow mode while you kick or shoot them. This mechanic although nothing revolutionary in the genre is a nice welcome addition. Of course all of this is then tallied into a score as your playing through the game making each enemy you take down count for something.

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What really impressed me about Bulletstorm was the fact that it never took itself seriously. There wasn’t an area in the game where it became to frustrating or that I didn’t know where to go next. Bulletstorm was made to be like an over the top action movie, a nice smooth ride that you can just sit back and enjoy. Outside of the single player you do have a cooperative multiplayer mode called Anarchy but nothing competitive. In Anarchy you and up 3 more players take on enemies and try to earn enough points to keep moving forward. If you play the mode with a good group the mode can be quite good, albeit a bit repetitive.


The visuals are far and away the stand out portion of the game. The use of color is unparalleled from other games in the genre. I don’t think I am overstating this by saying that at certain points in the experience where you care more about the level design then the mindless action happening in front of you. The developers did an excellent job of keeping the style and artistic flare of the game consistent and engaging throughout. The game also has a relatively smooth frame rate that helps keep the action coming fast without any weird hitches.

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Fun Factor

As I have mentioned a few times in this review, Bulletstorm is not a game that takes itself seriously. It’s obvious not only by the dialogue which is probably to over the top for its own good, but in the level design, the various weapons, and even the crazy array of enemies. Mindless action is fun, but after a while it has a tendency to wear thin and thus can be the case with Bulletstorm. The real only saving grace is the multiplayer which if played with a good group of people can really bring a lot of life back into the mindless action.

Bulletstorm Screenshot


For all that I have said about Bulletstorm thus far I can wrap it up by saying that Bulletstorm is flat out good game. Although not the cream of the crop Bulletstorm has enough going for it that if you’re a fan of the genre its definitely worth a look.

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