FIFA Street 3

FIFA Street 3


The Street franchise for EA has been a strong one, started back with NBA Street and working its way to both the NFL and of course FIFA franchises as well. The Street series, for those who may not be familiar, is basically an arcade take on the different sports already mentioned. Basically the developers leave in the basic concepts of the sports, throw out the rules, and make a "Street" game based on it. Today we are checking out FIFA Street 3 for the Xbox 360, a game that hopes to continue to improve the groundwork laid out by previous FIFA Street titles, to make this the best one yet. Is FIFA Street 3 the game FIFA fans have been hoping for? Read our full review to find out!


For those who have never played a FIFA Street title, then let me give you a briefing into what to expect. Basically the game takes place in a much small field where the basic concepts of soccer are still intact but outside of that its more like the Harlem Globe Trotters for soccer. Style is key in these games; you not only want to score against your opponent, but you want to do it with style. Which means doing crazy moves and combos are key. The FIFA Street franchise struggled in its first two outings, is the third time the charm?

FIFA Street 3 is quite frankly what the first two games should have been, and a lot of us scratched our head and wondered why the first two were not that red hot. FIFA Street 3 on the other hand makes a lot of strides in the right direction, something this series desperately needed. First and foremost, the biggest issues with the previous games were that they didn’t really flow that well. Stringing together combos and looking good felt more forced than natural and intuitive. Finally, for an arcade game, the game really wasn’t that enjoyable, and that is obviously a big issue for a game that is supposed to be a light hearted version of the actual sport.

This however is not the case with FIFA Street 3. The gameplay flows so much better in this title that makes it really remarkable. What was once a big hindrance for the game, is now finally functioning in the way you would want. You can now seamlessly combine some great moves with pass, lobs, volley’s, bicycle kick, off the wall, and then in the goal. This isn’t a game that takes a long time to learn either, these are things you can pull off right when you pick up the controller. This is a testament to the controls which for the first time really hit the right spot.

One of the other things that really hurt past games was the fact that the game’s Team AI was awful. This has been corrected somewhat in FIFA Street 3 as your team really work together. This helps really implement some of the great moves and team experience that the game is set up to do.

There is the FIFA Street Challenge, which is basically the career mode for the game and this is really one of the only big knocks I have against the game. It’s really quite a sparse career mode, which has you start at the bottom and work your squad up. It’s pretty bland and I always had the feeling throughout the game that there needed to be more structure and more variety to help keep your interest. The online play is a bit deeper, you have your typical Quick Game, but you also have World Challenge, which is quite impressive.

This is a good solid outing for FIFA Street 3 in terms of the gameplay. I have to say a lot of the game really captured me. I wish the career mode would have been deeper, but the great online play and just the great multiplayer aspect that goes along with the game really puts the gameplay leagues ahead of past FIFA Street titles.


I have to say I love the style that the developers of FIFA Street 3 were going for. It has a bit of a cartoon effect that’s more prominent here than other Street titles. You see this effect mostly in the character models, which are really fantastic. The environments on the other hand are not as cutting edge with a lot of things we have seen before and not necessarily the level of detail that you would want. The game as a whole doesn’t necessarily push the 360 to its limits, but it does offer up a pretty solid looking game nonetheless.

Fun Factor

I was really worried that FIFA Street 3 was going to fall into a lot of the same traps that the previous titles fell into. However that was actually not the case, the flow of the game for one is just nights and days smoother than the previous games. I also should mention that the online play is surprisingly deep. Although there are not too many leagues available now, the options are there and it seems as though this is a game that really could grow to be quite popular, especially outside the United States.


As I mentioned at the top of the review, FIFA Street 3 is the game that many had hoped for, for a long time. It’s great to see the series finally coming together and really showing its true potential. If you’re a soccer fan you got to go out and try this game, it’s actually quite entertaining especially if you play online or have some friends over.

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