NCAA Football 10


EA is most known for their Madden franchise which year after year continues to be one of the biggest titles of the video game industry. What is often overlooked however is Madden’s very popular younger brother the NCAA Football franchise which each year holds its own as being a very competency recreation of the college football game. So we are now at NCAA Football 10 and with the hype surrounding Madden NFL 10 does NCAA Football 10 have what it takes to surprise fans of the series? Read our full review to find out.


What is so interesting about reviewing an NCAA Football game is that many forget that behind the NFL, college football is the second most popular sport watched in the United States. There is such a following of the game that it always surprised me that NCAA Football 10 didn’t get more play in the industry. Now that the new game is here how does it end up turning out?

One of the things that was released well ahead of time was the Team Builder which allowed you to build your own team online and then bring it into the game. I managed to create my team a few weeks before getting the game and based it off the college I graduated from UC Irvine. After searching there were already countless created schools for UC Irvine, but I went through and created my own. Importing your team once you have the game is extremely easy and you will be on your way to take your team through  a dynasty.

My favorite mode of the game however is the Road to Glory mode which for those who haven’t heard is now hosted by Erin Andrews. This is a pretty cool look at the college career mode where you start off like past career modes with your high school career and then work your way through the college game. What is so interesting about this mode is that Erin Andrews chronicles your career as you go about it. Its actually a pretty neat way of going about a career mode and does make the entire experience a bit more exciting then reading a bunch of text blocks. The Erin Andrews segments can be repetitive but that is just a minor technicality of what otherwise is a rather solid mode.

The gameplay for NCAA Football 10 isn’t all that different from what we saw in last years outing, just a bit smoother around the edges. I really did enjoy the new menu UI that works really nice while picking plays. The game allows for more strategy while getting up to the line and allows for a much nicer way to mold your defense and offense. The AI seems to be a lot stronger then what we have seen in the past giving much more of a challenge on the offensive side. For far to long the option has been a sure fire 5-10 yards, and now is a little less likely to be such an easy gain.

What I really appreciated about NCAA Football 10 is that it has enough depth to really last a long time. There are a few modes that can last for hours and hours of gameplay, not to mention the fact that there is an online dynasty like found in last years game. All things said the developers continue to pile more and more content in, and all I can say is that this is truly one of the best college football experiences I have seen in years.


Visually I don’t see a huge upgrade from NCAA Football 09 to NCAA Football 10. I did mention earlier that I really liked the menu UI that was implemented in this years game. The rest of the experience really doesn’t feel all that different from last years game. There is still some things I would like to see improved like clipping issues which have been improved over the years but there is still is some room for improvement. Overall this is still a strong looking game.

Fun Factor

There is no doubt about it that NCAA Football 10 is an extremely entertaining game and I would say is improved greatly from the fact that it has the Road to Glory mode. I am really happy to see that NCAA Football 10 has added a lot to the career mode experience. The cut scenes really do add to the experience, and if your a big fan of college football it really does add to the entertainment experience. What I have always loved and really still do enjoy about NCAA Football 10 is the college experience that the game continues to capture to a very high degree.


NCAA Football 10 is the complete college football experience, it has the depth, the style, and the substance that fans have been looking for. For the first time in years I am happy to report that the upgrades in NCAA Football 10 game were enough to make for one of the best NCAA Football titles in years.

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