I’m pretty sure public transportation everywhere has a few issues to where you get on the wrong bus or miss your stop. I suppose it could be worse, like in Pid, a young boy named Kurt fell asleep and missed his stop. He finds himself stranded on a strange planet with even stranger inhabitants. He meets several people who are also stranded, but have been waiting on the bus to return with no luck. Kurt decides to find a way out of this planet and meets some enemies that are hindering his attempts to escape.


While side scrolling and jumping around, you attempt to maneuver Kurt around different obstacles. These obstacles range from a red toy looking robot to spikes that are sticking out of the ground. Kurt finds a white orb that allows him to create portal-like beams to transport himself either upwards, downwards, diagonally or side-ways. You use these beams to get you through the level and around enemies. Sometimes, you can save yourself from falling to a spiky death by placing a beam under you. You collect stars and constellations to purchase armor, bombs or short burst beams. You get to know these short burst beams really well during the second boss fight. With any fight, timing is key to beating the enemy.

I really enjoyed playing through the regular levels; however, the boss fights were extensive and tiring. I liked that I had to change up my tactics and felt that some of the techniques I was using would work half the time. The frustration built up more during the time that I knew how to kill the boss, and I just had to keep doing the same thing for ten more minutes. The bosses seemed to have too much health and a lot less vulnerable areas than most bosses in other games.

You don't just use the props provided but can use the actual enemies to help you escape. You attempt to figure out the best way to beat an area with enemies either shooting rockets at you or using them to open the gates. The gameplay gets frustrating to the point of throwing a controller at the wall. However, I kept playing. I'm hellbent on beating this game, regardless of it beating me in the process. I have a feeling that this will end badly.


The art style and ingenious level set up allow you to get as frustrated as you want without having to look at bad character drawing or awkward repeating backgrounds. Instead, you are frustrated with the difficulty of each boss you encounter. Before you attempt to express any anger or said frustration, I suggest you put the controller or mouse down, then follow through with the temper tantrum building up. The ingenious traps and level design allow you to envision a great escape while providing a sense of failure during the actual attempts. The dungeon like castle is dark and ominous but without the darkness. It gives you the feeling of trial and error as you attempt to strive through.

Fun Factor

I had fun after I defeated a boss. The levels before and after the bosses can be difficult but prove to be fun as you attempt to outsmart the level design and well placed enemies.  Once you get the hang of using the beams, you are able to move through some levels pretty quickly. I would challenge myself in seeing how fast I could move past an enemy without being detected. The fun was short lived as you repeated certain areas or bosses multiple times. The music is awesome, but it really annoyed me after dying 10 or 20 times. The same track would just repeat over and over until you would beat the area. The boss fights caused my frustration to grow more when the music kept repeating itself. I blamed myself for a while because I kept dying. I decided to put the game on mute and listened to my iPod instead.


Pid is pretty frustrating once you get to a boss. I have quit the game in anger each time I've come close to defeating a boss. I would fail due to falling onto an enemy or simply missing a chance of giving a direct hit then getting destroyed by the boss. The ways to defeat the bosses were made too complex and with their strength, killing them takes even longer. I was stuck on the second boss for nearly 2 days just attempting to get the right timing with the bombs and short burst beams. I usually love puzzle and strategic games, but this one really made me angry half the time I was playing. I suggest playing in short bursts of time so you won't get too upset or frustrated at your failure to pass the level. I nearly destroyed a controller and rage quit a lot of times because of the frustration caused by my fails in this game. This game not only challenges you to think outside the box but to have the endurance to continue thinking that way until the level is over and the boss is beaten.