UEFA Euro 2008


Oh the game of soccer (aka football) is quite the sport. Although here in the US watching soccer seems to be the equivalent of second run dog show, for the rest of the world that is just not the case. Today we are checking out the UEFA Euro 2008 game from EA Sports which of course is based around the extremely popular Euro 2008 tournament being held right now. With EA already have solid success with their FIFA lineup of soccer titles, is there any reason for fans of the sport to go check out UEFA Euro 2008 for the Xbox 360? Read our full review to find out!


I will be the first to tell you know I have little to no knowledge of the UEFA outside of my brief trip down to Wikipedia before putting in the game. For those who don’t know it is this gigantic tournament with teams playing every four years (or two years after the World Cup) and according to what I read is just a huge deal for soccer fans in general. Whatever the case more then being interested in the history of the tournament, I was more curious on looking at the game itself.

Let me just start with the gameplay of UEFA Euro 2008 which as you would probably imagine does run on the same engine as FIFA 2008. That is not to say that the game hasn’t changed at all, it is just going to feel very familiar to anyone who played last years game. The only differences I did notice in this game from FIFA was the speed of the action which did seem to speed up a bit, which after watching some European soccer I can see how that would make sense. The gameplay for FIFA was already good so the fact that its very similar is not a bad thing by any means.

There are a lot of modes to choose from in UEFA Euro 2008 however the most notable being Captain Your Country which is just a new name for what was Be a Pro in FIFA. The mode for me is really why I love the sport of soccer, because although this is a team sport you really do see how integral of a role each player has on the flow of a game. What is so nice about this mode is that it really rewards you for playing the position that your given correctly. So if your a defender sure you can go up and score, but you are more likely to have success by staying back and letting the game come to you.

The basic premise of the mode is to become captain by the time you reach the finals. Through the early stages you are going to be competing with other individuals for the captain role, now you have to balance while playing the game by winning games but also making sure you play well to rack up points. The mode in my mind works really well, and although I am not a big soccer fan, so I would imagine the real hardcore fans would eat this right up. If you were to ask me for one word that would describe this game it would be polished. It isn’t necessarily all that deep of a game, no where near the amount of teams (due to the smaller scope of the UEFA) nor the amount of content that you would see in a FIFA title. However at the same token the modes are very polished and the multiplayer end of the game is solid as well. For me UEFA Euro 2008 taught me a lot of about the UEFA and managed in its own way to get me interested in it and the game.


The graphics of UEFA Euro 2008 are once again very familiar to anyone who played FIFA 08, with a bit less detail in some areas, but more sparkly in others. One thing I loved about the World Cup game a few years back from EA as well as this game today is that they do a pretty good job of capturing the experience. For whatever reason you really just begin to get pumped up during the big games, and I feel that more then anything it is the visual aspect of the game that really does it justice. It’s not a perfect looking game but it gets the job done.

Fun Factor

I do believe that more could have been done to continue to improve the controls and the feel of FIFA 08 into this game, there is just not a whole lot different between the two games. However when you get into the fact that this is solely concentrating on the UEFA and that it does such a good job of bringing the atmosphere that comes around with it into this game then that’s where the enjoyability comes. It’s probably not going to wow you if you played FIFA 08, but if you missed that game or love UEFA this is going to be a lot of fun for you.


What it all comes down to is the fact that UEFA Euro 2008 is trying to hit a specific market, and although the market for the game may not be as big here in the United States as it is over the pond, I believe that if soccer fans give this a try they will not only enjoy this game but also give some interest into this year’s UEFA tournament.

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