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Supreme League of Patriots Review

Supreme League of Patriots – Season 1

Supreme League of Patriots it well made if unremarkable adventure game. [...]

March 27, 2015 PC, Reviews

Tales from the Borderlands, Episode Two: Atlas Mugged

“Atlas Mugged” is a disappointing stumble to what started out as an amazing burst out of the gate and I'm left hoping the next episode can make the rebound. [...]

March 16, 2015 PC, Reviews
Juju featured image


It's a dull romp through exquisite scenery,a perfect example of how you should not judge a book by its cover. Despite moment's of brilliance, it's hard to recommend to an audience of any age, whether it be a fifty year [...]

February 25, 2015 PC, Reviews

Grow Home

The experience of Grow Home is interesting, but not one that it overwhelmingly positive. The use of procedural animation and rag doll physics for a protagonist may pay off some day down the road once the idea has been [...]

February 19, 2015 PC, Reviews
rcr feature

Retro City Rampage DX

You know what's also awesome, though? Playing a fun video game, and that's just not what Retro City Rampage is. [...]

January 13, 2015 PC, Reviews

Early Access Showcase: Soul Axiom

You find yourself on a ship.  A storm rages around you.  A few people are looking down at you from the deck of the ship, but then they are gone.  You explore the inside of the ship and find some [...]

December 23, 2014 PC, Previews
A Bird Story PC Review

A Bird Story

A Bird Story is a precursor to the true sequel of To The Moon, so it’s possible that we're only getting a small taste of what is to come with Gao’s storytelling. The wordless surrealism is serene, as urban environments [...]

December 8, 2014 PC, Reviews

Stick it to The Man

Stick it to The Man is a short adventure but one worth playing. The fun puzzles, beautiful environments, and peculiar characters makes Rae Doewood's insane journey an extremely enjoyable and intensely hilarious experience. [...]

November 17, 2014 Reviews, Xbox One

Dreamfall Chapters: Book One: Reborn

  Dreamfall: The Longest Journey had one of the greatest game stories of all time and if you are a fan of science fiction and story-driven games, then it is a game that you should go back and try if [...]

October 30, 2014 PC, Reviews
The vanishing of Ethan Carter feature

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

While the game isn't very long (my finished playtime was around seven hours) the game does a good job of not overstaying its welcome. You are presented with a compelling story that only keeps driving you forward to the end [...]

October 15, 2014 PC, Reviews

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