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NHL 17 Review

NHL 17

A well-rounded and extremely polished game of hockey that fans of the franchise will be mighty happy with. [...]

October 7, 2016 Reviews, Xbox One
Madden NFL 17 Review

Madden NFL 17

Madden NFL 17 is an incredible game of football, however it feels like the safest step forward in a while. [...]

September 1, 2016 Playstation 4, Reviews
Mirror's Edge Catalyst Review

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Ultimately, Catalyst offers something that no other game does, but like its predecessor, it feels like it could have been much more. [...]

July 25, 2016 Reviews, Xbox One

DarkCast E3 2016: EA Press Conference Recap

Joel and Jonathan discuss EA's E3 2016 press conference. [...]

June 12, 2016 DarkCast

DarkCast 210: E3 2016 Predictions – Part 1

Joel, Brian, and Jonathan give their predictions for the the E3 2016 publisher press conferences. They discuss EA, Bethesda and Ubisoft. [...]

May 30, 2016 DarkCast

DarkCast 197: All the E’s

In this episode we discuss EA, E3, Fuse, Unravel and XCOM 2. [...]

February 18, 2016 DarkCast

DCI 111: The Music Awakens – EA Star Wars: Battlefront Interview

In this episode we talk to John Rodd, the mixing and mastering audio engineers behind the original soundtrack for Star Wars: Battlefront. [...]

December 28, 2015 DCI
Madden NFL 16 XB1 Review

Madden NFL 16

Madden has never played better. The game is smooth, strategic, and a lot of fun. If you slept on last years’ game or are just ready for some football, Madden NFL 16 is another great entry into the series. [...]

August 24, 2015 Reviews, Xbox One

Grading the Show: E3 2015 – EA

E3 is here. In fact, all the press conferences are over. Now it’s time for us to give your our thoughts on each of the major shows. Michael It’s hard for me to objectively grade EA since a huge demographic of [...]

June 19, 2015 E3 2015

DarkCast: E3 2015 – EA

Out thoughts on EA's presser. [...]

June 15, 2015 DarkCast, E3 2015
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