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DarkCast 110: The Xbeast One

In this episode we talk to the only member of the DarkCast to get an Xbox One, our Editor in Chief Joel Szerlip. But even thought he’s the only one, he’s got a fair amount to say about it. Some [...]

November 29, 2013 DarkCast
Fantasia DS Featured

Pax Prime Preview: Harmonix Highlights Performance and Discovery in Fantasia

The performance mode in Fantasia continues to impress, as well. Rather than feeling like I was struggling to live up to the standard of expert difficulty in Rock Band, Fantasia made me feel like I was creating something unique, without [...]

September 3, 2013 Features, Previews, Xbox 360

Darkstation Clippings: Kinect Not Required for Xbox One, Dota 2 World Champions

Kinect Sensor not required for Xbox One Speaking to IGN, Chief Xbox One Platform Architect Marc Whitten confirmed that, “like online, the console will still function if Kinect isn’t plugged in, although you won’t be able to use any feature or [...]

August 12, 2013 News, PC, Xbox One
Fable the Journey 360

Fable: The Journey

Overview Fable: The Journey is a weird game. Let’s just get that out of the way. On the one hand, it tells the best story yet seen in a Fable game, a series not known for its storylines. On the [...]

October 29, 2012 Reviews, Xbox 360
Madden NFL 13 Featured Image

Madden NFL 13

Madden NFL 13 is a great game of football. It is also a shining example of a series that could really use a new console to help freshen up the franchise which is starting to feel in need of a [...]

August 24, 2012 Reviews, Xbox 360
Mini Ninjas Adventures Featured Image

Mini Ninjas Adventures

Despite its Kinect-oriented problems, Mini Ninjas Adventures' sensibly organized gesture controls and ever escalating mechanics and complexity should compel players to return as soon as the lactic acid dissipates. [...]

August 7, 2012 Reviews, Xbox 360

Time-Space Continuum and Your Dignity are not Safe. Dance Central 3 This Fall

At the third installation of just about any series, the law of diminishing returns starts to pound in hard. So, the initial E3 announcement a mere week and change ago originally sparked only the most mild bit of enthusiasm [...]

June 19, 2012 News, Xbox 360
Dragon's Lair Featured Image

Dragon’s Lair

Dragon's Lair is a tough game to review. While a healthy dose of appreciation should be paid to the title for it's innovation and the groundwork it laid for more complex adventure titles that developed out of the shadow [...]

June 7, 2012 Reviews, Xbox 360

Majesco E3 Line Up: Excerise and Desperation

Majesco Entertainment studio is a thing of wonder; how are they still in business?  A quick thumb through their Wikipedia page (or any local Sam’s Club discount video game bin for that matter) will reveal that Majesco does not exactly [...]

May 12, 2012 News

Move like Jagger at home: Dance Central 2 Now on XBLA

Harmonix is now giving the small and likely non-existent shut-in Kinect owner demographic no excuse to not own last year’s booty shaking extravaganza Dance Central 2 by placing the game as a featured download through Microsoft’s Games on Demand program. Dance Central [...]

May 12, 2012 News, Xbox 360
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