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Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim

There was enough novelty and passion here to transcend the “Zelda clone” label, if only those traits could have been honed into something more approachable. [...]

June 20, 2016 PC, Reviews

Tadpole Treble

If you love music, as a composer or just as a fan, Tadpole Treble will be a pleasure from start to finish. [...]

May 17, 2016 PC, Reviews

Airscape: The Fall Of Gravity

As the world spun and shifted before my eyes I thought, “Am I drunk?” The answer is yes, without a doubt, but there was another, far less depressing, reason that the world was tilting every which way. I was playing [...]

April 22, 2016 PC, Reviews

Particle Mace

So who is Particle Mace for? I’d say most people. It’s a game basically anybody can enjoy thanks to its straightforward design and simple premise. Again, it definitely has the possibility of being strongly habit-forming, so if you’re someone who [...]

March 11, 2016 PC, Reviews
Dying Light The Following PC Review

Dying Light: The Following

While the stoic main character, new countryside environments, and open world structure of The Following might suggest Just Cause, in fact things are less silly and much more dire in this zombie infested landscape. Dying Light wasn’t neglected when it [...]

February 24, 2016 PC, Reviews
Planet Driver PC Review

Planet Diver

Planet Diver is likely to receive frequent comparisons to Downwell, and while they’re not unfounded – both feature downward-scrolling arcade presentations and substantial procedural generation – they may be unfair. Both games have more than enough differences to allow them [...]

February 17, 2016 PC, Reviews
Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen PC Review

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen should be played by every fan of action RPGs. There’s much to do and discover, and from exploration to character interactions to the exciting combat, everything is fun and genuinely interesting. It looks great, it sounds [...]

February 10, 2016 PC, Reviews
Nuclear Throne PS4 Review

Nuclear Throne

I feel like most reviews of Nuclear Throne would start with the words “I hate you”, and this one is no different. I hate you, Nuclear Throne. You’re an unhealthy relationship that I can’t find my way out of. Time [...]

February 1, 2016 PC, Reviews
Life is Feudal: Your Own PC Review

Life is Feudal: Your Own

That said, although it does distinguish itself by focusing on a specific historical period and its limitations, Life is Feudal has characteristics shared by many of the so-called “realistic” sandbox survival games: progression is slow, it's a challenge to learn, [...]

January 25, 2016 PC, Reviews

The Deadly Tower of Monsters

Chilean developer ACE Team has released several quirky and well-received games, including Zeno Clash and Abyss Odyssey. They seem to specialize in Something Different, and The Deadly Tower of Monsters falls squarely in that camp. As an action game, it’s [...]

January 19, 2016 PC, Reviews
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