Thursday 20th October 2016,

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Trials of the Blood Dragon Review

Trials of the Blood Dragon

Here’s my guess as to how the creative process for this one went down. RedLynx, tired of making (admittedly very good) Trials sequels, asked their publisher Ubisoft if they could try their hand at something different. The publisher agreed, on [...]

August 9, 2016 PC, Reviews
Aurion Legacy

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

Quite an achievement for a 2D side-scrolling action-RPG with a very modest price tag coming from an untapped territory in the world of gaming. [...]

July 26, 2016 PC, Reviews
Enter the Gungeon PC Review

Enter the Gungeon

Hosting a bevy of secrets and an even greater number of items to find and unlock, there is nothing short of an army of gundead that could stop me from recommending this. [...]

July 19, 2016 PC, Reviews
Neon Chrome PC Review

Neon Chrome

As long as you can look past a few design flaws and don’t mind slightly dated graphics, Neon Chrome is a game for anyone who wants strategy and destruction in a single package. [...]

July 18, 2016 PC, Reviews
Corpse Party PC Review

Corpse Party

Corpse Party does a good enough job with the technology to deliver an interesting and thoroughly Japanese story of tragedy, murder, and the paranormal. [...]

July 8, 2016 PC, Reviews

Cornerstone: The Song of Tyrim

There was enough novelty and passion here to transcend the “Zelda clone” label, if only those traits could have been honed into something more approachable. [...]

June 20, 2016 PC, Reviews

Tadpole Treble

If you love music, as a composer or just as a fan, Tadpole Treble will be a pleasure from start to finish. [...]

May 17, 2016 PC, Reviews

Airscape: The Fall Of Gravity

As the world spun and shifted before my eyes I thought, “Am I drunk?” The answer is yes, without a doubt, but there was another, far less depressing, reason that the world was tilting every which way. I was playing [...]

April 22, 2016 PC, Reviews

Particle Mace

So who is Particle Mace for? I’d say most people. It’s a game basically anybody can enjoy thanks to its straightforward design and simple premise. Again, it definitely has the possibility of being strongly habit-forming, so if you’re someone who [...]

March 11, 2016 PC, Reviews
Dying Light The Following PC Review

Dying Light: The Following

While the stoic main character, new countryside environments, and open world structure of The Following might suggest Just Cause, in fact things are less silly and much more dire in this zombie infested landscape. Dying Light wasn’t neglected when it [...]

February 24, 2016 PC, Reviews