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It's a dull romp through exquisite scenery,a perfect example of how you should not judge a book by its cover. Despite moment's of brilliance, it's hard to recommend to an audience of any age, whether it be a fifty year [...]

February 25, 2015 PC, Reviews


As it is, Zombeer stands as a decent zombie based FPS with a dash of hit or miss humor. [...]

February 24, 2015 PC, Reviews

DCI 79: Big Brother – Republique Remastered Interview 

In this interview we talk to Ryan Payton, lead developer at Camouflaj Studios to discuss the PC release of Republique. [...]

February 23, 2015 DCI
Into Blue Valley PC Review

Into Blue Valley

Into Blue Valley was presumably aiming to raise questions, but thanks to its half-hearted presentation and sparse narrative, the only question it raises is, “How do I get out of Blue Valley?” [...]

February 23, 2015 PC, Reviews
citizens of earth feature

Citizens of Earth

Citizens of Earth can't keep up with the promise of its story and falls flat after just a few hours. [...]

February 20, 2015 PC, Reviews

Grow Home

The experience of Grow Home is interesting, but not one that it overwhelmingly positive. The use of procedural animation and rag doll physics for a protagonist may pay off some day down the road once the idea has been [...]

February 19, 2015 PC, Reviews
If My Heart Had Wings PC Review

If My Heart Had Wings

Speaking as someone who has seen their fair share of anime, I thought If My Heart Had Wings to be a bit on the bland side. [...]

February 17, 2015 PC, Reviews
Total War Attila PC Review

Total War: Attila

Even though it doesn't innovate much from its predecessors, it stays true the core mechanics that has made the Total War series some of the best strategy games to date. [...]

February 12, 2015 PC, Reviews
The Marvellous Mistake PC Review

The Marvellous Miss Take

The Marvellous Miss Take is a fun and near flawless heist adventure. The visuals, soundtrack and simple controls are the healthiest elements of the game. The only thing holding it back is the game’s often crippling difficulty and the feeling [...]

February 10, 2015 PC, Reviews


Particulars is about as niche as a title can be. [...]

January 30, 2015 PC, Reviews
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