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DCI 125: Guildmaster – Battlecursed Interview

Jonathan and Brian welcome back Dexter Chow of Codex Worlds to discuss their new game, Basttlecursed. [...]

April 28, 2016 DCI
Out of the Park 17 PC Review

Out of the Park Baseball 17

My time with Out of the Park Baseball 17 was like a trip to the ballpark, except when I shouted that the pitcher should be taken out, somebody listened, and that was a great feeling. [...]

April 11, 2016 PC, Reviews

DCI 122: Snorkasaurus – Me and My Dinosaur Interview

Jonathan and Brian talk to Andrew David Jahchan of Madsoft about their upcoming game, Me and My Dinosaur. [...]

April 4, 2016 DCI
Dark Souls 3 PC Review

Dark Souls III

The pride and exhilaration one feels from a Dark Souls game is a lot like getting wrapped up in a blanket, fresh from the dryer, on a cold and rainy night. [...]

April 4, 2016 PC, Reviews
The Flame in the Flood XB1 Review

The Flame in the Flood

For once in a survival game I didn’t care about where I was going or what my ultimate goal was, I just wanted to live. I took risks, I acted brashly, and at times I felt like I was doing [...]

March 15, 2016 PC, Reviews
The Bug Butcher PC Review

The Bug Butcher

The Bug Butcher takes an old, proven formula and brings it into the modern era. Many games have taken the Galaga style and slapped a fresh coat of paint on it, but The Bug Butcher does more than that. The [...]

March 3, 2016 PC, Reviews
CL feature


It is a quality title that gets a lot of core elements right, and its bigger problems (such as the interface and controls) can theoretically be fixed with a patch. By the time that you reach hour fifteen in [...]

March 1, 2016 PC, Reviews
That Dragon, Cancer PC Review

That Dragon, Cancer

That Dragon, Cancer won’t take you that long to complete but the emotions it leaves you with will stick around for a good, long while. Few people will call this a “perfect game” and that’s fine, it doesn’t need to [...]

February 25, 2016 PC, Reviews
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Undertale transcends its medium and becomes a genuinely moving experience I would recommend to anyone who is open to a sometimes sorrowful, sometimes hilarious, always bizarre and engaging emotional journey. Set aside a few hours to enter this delightful underworld [...]

February 23, 2016 PC, Reviews

DCI 116: Mars Attacks – Fortified Interview

In this episode we talk to Matt Riggs of Clapfoot about the studio's first title, Fortified. [...]

February 11, 2016 DCI

Case No. CV09-01933 VBF(Ex)

DOES 1 – 10,

(NJ), LLC, a New Jersey corporation, with its principal place of business


3. Pursuant to 15 U.S.C. § 1125(d), Tiffany is awarded statutory damages for cyberpiracy against XX in the amount of $50,000.00, for which let execution issue;

(a) manufacturing or causing to be manufactured, importing, advertising, or promoting, distributing, selling or offering to sell counterfeit and infringing goods using the Tiffany Marks or works protected by the Tiffany copyrights;

(h) offering such goods in commerce;

(k) effecting assignments or transfers, forming new entities or associations or utilizing any other device for the purpose of circumventing or otherwise avoiding the prohibitions set forth above.

Dated this 4th day of September, 2009.