Tuesday 09th February 2016,

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Punch Club PC Review

Punch Club

Sure, the game had me wondering if I should build a better diet or waste money on the equivalent of steroids and just go for it. Is that fun to actually play? No, not really. [...]

February 4, 2016 PC, Reviews
Nuclear Throne PS4 Review

Nuclear Throne

I feel like most reviews of Nuclear Throne would start with the words “I hate you”, and this one is no different. I hate you, Nuclear Throne. You’re an unhealthy relationship that I can’t find my way out of. Time [...]

February 1, 2016 PC, Reviews

DCI 114: Liquid Metal in SPACE – Infinium Strike Interview

In this episode we talk to Dexter Chow of Codex World to discuss their new game, Infinium Strike. [...]

January 22, 2016 DCI

Blood Bowl II

Blood Bowl 2 is a sequel to the video game version of the tabletop game that gives new meaning to the term "Fantasy Football". [...]

December 3, 2015 PC, Reviews

Mega Man Legacy Collection

For those looking for old school challenge or experience the definitive version of the early Mega Man classics, look no further than the Mega Man Legacy Collection. [...]

December 2, 2015 PC, Reviews
SWCLeg feat

Sword Coast Legends

Does Sword Coast Legends finally bring the D&D license back to the forefront? The answer, unfortunately, is an emphatic “no”. [...]

December 1, 2015 PC, Reviews
Mushroom 11 PC Review

Mushroom 11

Mushroom 11 does a great job of realizing a concept and sticking to it, it’s just too bad that concept falters as much as it does, making the game feel like a big miss instead of an indie darling. [...]

November 26, 2015 PC, Reviews
Jotun PC Review


Out of all the games I’ve played this year, Jotun was the biggest surprise and it’s one I can’t recommend enough to fellow gamers. Make sure you don’t miss this one this year. [...]

November 18, 2015 PC, Reviews

Circa Infinity

Games as LSD alternatives are nothing new, but Circa Infinity is in the upper echelon of the category. [...]

November 13, 2015 PC, Reviews

The Beginner’s Guide

The Beginner’s Guide starts a dialogue that isn’t talked about much in gaming and it’s that of a developers life and psyche. [...]

October 19, 2015 PC, Reviews
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