Friday 29th May 2015,

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Wolfenstein The Old Blood PS4 Featured Image

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Sure, the enjoyable bits are wrapped in the safest of cliché bubblewrap, but even that manages to be entertaining and add enough to the overall arch to warrant inclusion. Plus, you get to smash stuff with an awesome pipe. I [...]

May 29, 2015 Playstation 4, Reviews

DCI 93: The Metaverse – Voxelnauts Interview

In this episode we talk to Jon Olick of Retro Ronin about Voxelnauts. [...]

May 28, 2015 DCI
Mortal Kombat X Review

Mortal Kombat X

Mortal Kombat X continues its tradition of being a grand spectacle and while it may not outperform its predecessor, there's still a great deal of fun to be had [...]

May 28, 2015 Playstation 4, Reviews
Cities Skylines PC Review

Cities: Skylines

This game managed to be everything I had hoped it would be and then some, with all the wonderful attention to little details and customization options. Fans of the genre wont want to miss this one. [...]

May 27, 2015 PC, Reviews
Game of Thrones Episode 4 Sons of Winter PC Review

Game of Thrones Episode 4 – Sons of Winter

Gripes aside, this is easily the best episode Telltale has released since the first, and with the quality gradually increasing, I am becoming immeasurably impatient for the final episodes. Especially with where Sons of Winter lets off, I think the [...]

May 26, 2015 PC, Reviews
Sym PC Review


And while Sym isn’t bad in that regard – it’s got decent puzzles and atmosphere, plus ambition to spare – it’s outshined by the very games that seemingly inspired it. [...]

May 25, 2015 PC, Reviews

DCI 92: Forging Ahead – Forge Quest Interview

In this episode we talk to Chase Grozdina of Open Realms about their upcoming release, Forge Quest. [...]

May 22, 2015 DCI
Life is Strange The Chaos Theory XB1 Review

Life Is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory

Life Is Strange continues down the path of excellent, mature storytelling that no other studio has been able to match. [...]

May 22, 2015 Reviews, Xbox One

DCI 91: The REAL Dungeon Busters – Dungeon Crawlers HD Interview

In this episode we talk to Josh Chudnovsky, developer and comedian behind Dungeon Crawlers HD. [...]

May 18, 2015 DCI

DarkCast 168: Syndication

In this episode we discuss all things DLC, from the good to the bad, from the recent to the upcoming. [...]

May 15, 2015 DarkCast
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