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Bottom line, FIFA 16 is not a huge step forward for the franchise. The play on the pitch continues to get better and better and the refinements this year are all welcome. I especially was impressed with the overall flow [...]

September 22, 2015 Playstation 4, Reviews
Football Manager 2014 PC Review

Football Manager 2014

Like Paul Scholes, Football Manager continues to trundle on, earning respect throughout the business by doing a tough, workmanlike job. The hundreds of changes this year are mostly small ones that only dedicated series veterans will notice, but they add [...]

November 27, 2013 Reviews


This is the essence of FIFA 14 – a great package but a hefty sidestep, rather than a leap, as some of its predecessors were. The menus are fantastically designed, accessible and simple, which isn’t a mean feat considering the [...]

October 10, 2013 Reviews, Xbox 360
FIFA Soccer 13 360 Review

FIFA Soccer 13

There isn’t a better sports title than FIFA 13 out right now, and I include any and all varieties of sports in that claim. There isn’t a single release out there that has the depth, variety and longevity to match [...]

October 5, 2012 Reviews, Xbox 360
FIFA Street Xbox 360 Screenshot

FIFA Street Interview

Rebooting a franchise is a tricky business. EA has had its fair share of series reboots and is trying once again with its street soccer franchise FIFA Street. Although FIFA Street may not ever be on the same play field [...]

February 23, 2012 Features, Interview
FIFA 12 Xbox 360 Box Art

FIFA Soccer 12

Overview What could they possibly do to improve? It’s a predicament many developers would love to have, but only a few get the opportunity to tackle the problem. EA is up against that very issue with their FIFA franchise which [...]

October 17, 2011 Reviews, Xbox 360
Rugby World Cup 2011 Playstation 3 Box Art

Rugby World Cup 2011

Overview The newest version of the not-so know rugby games, RWC2011 brings it hard, cold, and straight for your face. You’ll be bruised, crushed, scrummed, and punted all up an down that field, with little to no extra knowledge of [...]

September 30, 2011 Playstation 3, Reviews

2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

Overview You would not be mistaken if you thought you just saw EA release a soccer game, in fact it was only around six months ago that Electronic Arts released FIFA Soccer 10 to raving reviews. However this year is [...]

May 8, 2010 Playstation 3, Reviews

FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play

Overview To this day whenever I see another FIFA game come out I am always excited to pick it up and see how it plays.  With the Nintendo Wii I am always curious how soccer games play out and how [...]

November 11, 2008 Nintendo Wii, Reviews

UEFA Euro 2008

Overview Oh the game of soccer (aka football) is quite the sport. Although here in the US watching soccer seems to be the equivalent of second run dog show, for the rest of the world that is just not the [...]

May 24, 2008 Reviews, Xbox 360
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