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Altec Lansing VS3251 Review

Features, HardwareJoel Szerlip
Altec Lansing VS3251 Review


Who doesn’t want surround sound? Whether in a dorm room or in a massive study there isn’t a place in the world I wouldn’t want to have beautiful surround sound coming from my computer. Having more then one or two speakers does so much for both gaming and movie experiences that it is hard to live without it once you have it. Today we are looking at some very low budget speaker sets that promise to give you authentic surround sound for a great price. To much good for to little of a price? Read our full review of the Altec Lansing VS3251 to find out!


  • Six channels of audio from any source
  • Clear, powerful sound from five 2.5” full-range drivers and a 5” subwoofer driver
  • 70 watts total RMS for a room-filling audio experience
  • Removable speaker stands for thin-profile wall mounting
  • Mode selection offers alternative ways to hear audio: 2.1 traditional stereo or 5.1 for immersive surround sound
  • Full-function wireless remote includes controls for system volume (for center, surround and subwoofer), bass and treble levels and stereo/surround selection modes
  • Toggle switch between auxiliary input (such as an MP3 player) and the PC
  • Built-in controls on subwoofer include power and master volume
  • Internal power supply eliminates bulky “brick” plug
  • Headphone jack for private listening
  • Color-coded cables for quick and easy installation


In terms of the design of the Altec Lansing VS3251 you really get what you’re paying for in terms of the design which is just as plain as day. The Altec Lansing VS3251 has a solid black design that just looks a bit dull. I tried the speakers in a few different locations and the biggest design issue I had was that they really didn’t look all that great. One positive design feature however was the easy plug and play style of the speakers which manage to make easy installation and setup for a surround sound experience. Other then that the Altec Lansing VS3251 has nothing really to speak of in terms of in the design is as standard as they come.


So I wasn’t sure what to expect from the VS3251 as the price really didn’t warrant a typical 5.1 surround sound system. In fact for the most part you don’t see these 5.1 surround sound systems going for anything less than the three digit range. So after getting the system installed which was color coded and as easy to install as they come. If you have ever installed any speakers before then you will have no problem installing these speakers.

So let’s talk about using the VS3251 which I tested both with movies and games in surround sound and stereo sound. So let’s start with movies which I tested a few action movies with and tried them at both low and high volumes. One of the initial problems I found was with the higher volumes which seem to have more artifacts than many other surround sound speakers. I also found that although it does seem to be able to get some of the loud special effects, the speakers just didn’t have the quality that we have come accustomed to.

Then I went into the game portion of the testing and I had the same sort of results that I had with the movies. When you’re playing games at normal volume levels you can get some serious surround sound quality however the speakers just don’t do well with things like explosions or loud gun fire. The speakers do well with normal sounds and give a good surround sound experience.


The VS3251 are exactly what most people are probably expecting from a surround sound set for $79.95. It was a bit disappointing to see that the design of the speakers really lacked any sort of flare to them and just look there price point.

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