Antec MX1 Review

Antec MX1 Review


I have reviewed my fair share of hard drive enclosures over the years, and let me tell you have they come a long way. I remember how plain and bulky the enclosures used to look and how careful you had to be with them. Now we have progressed to a time where it’s not so much just the need of an enclosure but now we are looking for a device that not only looks good but that is going to give us great speed to keep up with our busy lives. So today we are checking out the Antec MX-1 a new hard drive enclosure that hopes to win over some new fans with there introduction into the hard drive enclosure market. So does Antec have what it takes?


  • Dual output interface - USB2.0 and eSATA (external Serial ATA) allows you to transfer data up to 480Mbps or 3Gbps respectively
  • Support up to 750G SATA hard disk drive
  • Unique HDD cooler brings fresh air in and around the HDD for maximum cooling to protect your valuable asset
  • Two layer (plastic with aluminum) structure upper and lower covers to absorb HDD and fan noise
  • Carbon-glass filled frame to reinforce the strength of the whole enclosure
  • Built-in silicone pad to absorb HDD noise
  • Included USB cable, eSATA cable, and eSATA bracket to convert internal SATA to eSATA
  • Stand included
  • Very quiet fan operation - under 22 dBA
  • Noise Level: 20 dbA with the blower on inside the enclosure
  • Supports Windows 2000 / XP / ME / VISTA
  • Dimensions: 21.9 x 14.6 x 5.7 cm


One thing that I have noticed after reviewing quite a few Antec products is that there designs always remain with a simplistic concept. I have never seen an overly “flashy” or lavish designed product from Antec as instead they seem to go for more of a sophisticated and quality finish. Thus is the case with the MX-1 which sports a solid black design that has rounded edges and a nice sophisticated design. It’s not flashy and thus will really fit with literally any computer setup.

Installing into the MX-1 is as easy as they come when working with hard drive enclosures. There are only a few screws that are used when installing the drive and literally if you are even moderately experienced it will only take a minute or two to get everything setup. There are some directions included although not particularly detailed to help get you through the process if you need help.


There are some pretty simple tests I use for reviewing hard drive enclosures and in this case speed is literally up to you. The option of being able to hook this up to an internal SATA port with the eSATA cable allows those who are going to be transferring tons of data to have some extremely fast speeds. On the other hand if you’re looking for a weekly backup of photos and documents the USB 2.0 support will probably work best for you.

From my testing both methods worked exactly as described and speeds were exactly where you would want them to be. I did notice the obvious much better speeds via the eSATA connection which helped when I decided to try and back up some home videos. One thing I noticed was the extremely quiet and cool nature of the MX-1 which reminds me of many other Antec products I have checked out in the past.


It is with no surprise in my mind that Antec has made yet another quiet and cool enclosure, this time for hard drives. I am a bit under whelmed by the fact the enclosure didn’t try to expand more in terms of features, but if your looking for a straightforward hard drive enclosure with the option of eSATA support, check out the Antec MX-1 its got a competitive price and a good solid design.

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