Antec Notebook Cooler S Review

Antec Notebook Cooler S Review


I am a notebook user, in fact most people say they don’t know what I would do without my laptop as I am always on it. One thing about my notebook is that it gets extremely warm when being used for more than a half an hour. And whether its on my lap or on a desk the heat does become a bit on the bothersome side. Well Antec has been hard at work trying to create products that eliminate that heat being given off from your notebook to have a more pleasant time when using your notebook. So there latest product is the Antec Notebook Cooler S and it hopes to continue to cool your notebook with a small package. How does the product end up cooling?


  • Protect your valuable investment and reduce heat-related instability
  • USB-powered cooler with pass-through connector included. Draw power from any USB port without losing use of the USB port
  • 2 quiet double ball-bearing fans for reliable extremely quiet operation
  • Low power consumption
  • No batteries or power adapter needed
  • Light weight (easy to carry)


Now I have checked out previous notebook coolers from Antec in the past and those have actually been pretty good although extremely bulky and at times to much to be useful. They haven’t been bad product they just haven’t worked in the way that you would want from a notebook cooler. Well it seems as though Antec has heard our complaints and made a much smaller notebook cooler, about half the size of the previous ones. The design is still the simple silver and black design and just doesn’t seem as invasive or as peculiar as did the previous notebook coolers. The overall design is much better than what we saw in the previous coolers which works to this products favor.


So of course I tested the Antec Notebook Cooler S by doing what I always seem to be doing and that is working on my notebook. This was probably one of the easiest products I have had to test because it really was just along for my normal ride with my notebook. The product promises up to 15 degrees Celsius different which is a pretty interesting promise. So how well does the notebook cooler, cool your notebook? Well first I should mention that that Notebook Cooler S is actually powered via USB which is nice and means you won’t have to take up another power socket. The Notebook Cooler S also has two settings which you can put the cooler on either high or low. The difference between the two is both fan speed and noise. The low setting has literally now noise what so ever where the high speed is a bit louder and more noticeable.

While using the notebook cooler I have to say that it did take me some time to grow accustomed to the use. The cooler goes under your laptop giving it a nice tilt however that is not something I am used to having and did take some time for me to grow comfortable with. So once I got over those sort of feelings I really got to test out the Notebook Cooler on some pretty long stretches and was very impressed with the results.

From what I found while using the Notebook Cooler S is that this is a product that really does do a pretty good job of keeping things cooler. I noticed after a while that even my keyboard and top of my notebook felt a bit cooler then before having the cooler. In fact the whole work space for my notebook was kept much cooler than before. The cooler did exactly what it was said to do, cool my notebook.


I have to admit that the Antec Notebook Cooler S was much more impressive to me then the original notebook I checked out from Antec. Not only was the product half the size but the cooling seemed much more effective and the noise level was minimal. In the end if you are sick of having a hot notebook on your desk, invest a few bucks in the Notebook Cooler S it does exactly what it is said to do.

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