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Ideazon ZBoard Review

Features, HardwareJoel Szerlip
Ideazon ZBoard Review


Ever get tired of your plain keyboard that you got with your computer. Or maybe you’re a hardcore gamer that wishes you could change the placement of the keys to make your keyboard work more for you rather then against you. But no matter what boat you are in, Ideazon has created a keyboard that you can customize to the fullest and it’s even got a catchy name the “Zboard”. Considering how popular faceplates are for cell phones, Ideazon create faceplates for there keyboards that not only make your keyboard look good but it also adds some very nice shortcuts to make your gaming experience even more of a pleasure. So does this keyboard do all that it was set out to do, or can we decide that this is one product that sounds much better on paper?


The one thing I worried about more then anything with the Zboard was the setup of the keyboard which seemed like it might not be as easy as it looked. The product does come with instructions but like I have said so many times I am a true man (or at least I try to be) and I try to build things without directions. Luckily for my sake the Zboard was actually very easy. Without looking at the destructions and the use of timer I put the keyboard set with Doom 3 key set on in less then a minute. With a few simple clicks and the brief ten second delay for the keyboard to recognize the keyset, you are ready to go. And interchanging different keysets (which I did on many occasions) is just as easy. At times I felt as though I could be breaking the unit, but from my experiences this is actually a much sturdier product then meets the eye. And one final note on changing the keysets, you can easily download the drivers for the keysets so you Zboard can recognize the new keyset.


So the setup of the Zboard is a piece of cake, because if I can do it in less then a minute, then trust me any three year old could put this contraption together. But once we have it together does this keyboard stand the test of time and work in the way that it was created for?

Although for this review I was given many different keysets I am going to go through two of them so I won’t bore you with all of the mindless details which include the World of Warcraft keyset and the Doom 3 keyset, both for games I have played and still play on a regular basis. To start with the Doom 3 keyset the look of this keyset is outstanding. It has a very dark, reddish tint to, that just looks and feels like Doom 3. The World of Warcraft keyset also consists of a very nice color scheme with some nice character art and use of colors. The one thing I can say about this keyboard is that it is extremely comfortable.

One of my biggest questions about the Zboard was if the keysets were useful, and for games like Doom 3 they may not be as much. For me being such a big FPS fan, I have become so used to using a normal keyboard that using the extra key’s on the right side just seemed kind of awkward. It’s not that the keys weren’t useful because they could have been but for Doom 3, and any other FPS I just didn’t see learning all the new keys just for that game when I had all the keys down already from previous first person shooters. But for this review I did learn the keyset and it worked well all the buttons are extremely well located and work really well.

But by far the best reason I would give to get this keyboard is not so much for the FPS but for the MMORRPG (Everquest 2 and World of Warcraft). This is where the potential and the use of this idea really came into play. Although the Everquest 2 keyset was great, I just found the World of Warcraft one to be even better. Being a huge fan of the game, I found this keyset to save me time, energy and most of all trouble. Almost every single key that you could possibly need to play this game for hours with is on this keyset. You can easily bring up most of the different menu’s you might need as well as all of the different emotions you could need. This keyset was brilliantly setup and for players who play World of Warcraft for long periods of time this will let you spend more time leveling your character rather then worrying about taking the mouse and clicking on everything.

This keyboard also really wouldn’t have any use if it was comfortable and easy to use for common use (school work, instant messaging, ect.) and for the keyboard stands strong as well. Although this may not be a Logitech keyboard, this keyboard does stand up to the test of working for common daily work. I have written a few reviews on this unit and overall it feels pretty comfortable. I have had some key’s stick but that’s nothing a little WD40 can’t fix.


This product, once familiar with, can definitely improve your overall performance, especially in online games. Using the perfect key set will give you an advantage while playing MMOG’s, and FPS among other things. I highly recommend this product.

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