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Logitech diNovo Edge Review

Features, HardwareJoel Szerlip
Logitech diNovo Edge Review


One product that I have really begun pretty fluent in testing are keyboards in which I have seen such a range over the years it is one product that many don’t look at as being all that important but when you get a nice keyboard it is really difficult to go back to a lesser keyboard. Today we are looking at a brand new keyboard from Logitech one of the leaders in the industry who has brought their latest keyboard from the diNovo lineup. The new keyboard is title the edge, and could it possibly grab the edge this holiday season? Read our full review to find out!


  • A precision micro-scissors mechanism distributes typing force evenly across key surfaces, making every stroke natural and fluid.
  • Laser-cut from a single piece of Plexiglass and set in a brushed aluminum frame, the diNovo Edge makes a bold statement. Only 11 mm thick!
  • Put your keyboard on display while charging via the slim base/stand. Advanced Li-ion batteries recharge faster and last longer.
  • A new type of touchpad, the TouchDisc unifies scrolling, selection, and cursor control. Scroll at hyperspeed with a touch of your finger.
  • Hidden hot keys light up at a touch, and fade into the background when not in use. The touch-sensitive volume slider gives you precise, fingertip audio control.
  • Bluetooth wireless technology ensures seamless, secure operation from up to 30 feet.


For those who did have the chance to check out the previous diNovo desktop it was really an extremely impressive sleek and thin keyboard that I absolutely loved. Now a year or so later we have the Edge which is even sleeker and even better looking then what we saw previously. One of the neat design features is found on the right side which is a little mouse pad that you would typically find on the laptop. Under the pad you have the two right and left buttons that actually work just like you would with a normal laptop mouse. Another neat design trick is the volume control which is touch sensitive and design feature that really looks fantastic.

The overall design quality of the Edge is actually quite remarkable with its 11mm thick design that is just absolutely fantastic. For those wanting a product that is going to stand out as being an extremely “techy” keyboard then that is exactly what the Edge manages to do. The Edge is a product that just has the sleek black finish that makes this one of the best looking keyboards out there. The only downside to the design is that this is a fingerprint magnet and for those who are touchy to that may have an issue with this.


Just like when I reviewed the original diNovo product I was a little skeptical on what to expect from such a thin keyboard in terms of comfort and durability. Sure a keyboard can look great but can it perform in a manner to be worth the hefty $200 price point. So let’s get into my experiences with the Edge which of course started with the installation of the product which uses Bluetooth wireless technology. The technology is well used with the Edge and literally works perfect for any media center as the wireless signal is just as strong as they come. If you need a keyboard that is going to need to go a good distance your going to get the needed strength with the Edge.

One of the biggest upgrades the Edge has is the lack of need for AA batteries and the move to a rechargeable lithium battery that is rechargeable in about five minutes. They have some really bold claims when it comes to the battery life of the keyboard but let me just say after a charge you’re probably going to forget you ever even had to charge the keyboard in the first place. The ability to have a keyboard where you don’t have to worry about finding batteries and recharging is quick and simple makes this keyboard extra cool!

This is a keyboard that was specifically made for media center use and if that’s what you need a keyboard for this is the product that has it all. With the small mouse pad and the touch volume control this is really perfect for any media center. I want to comment also briefly on the key’s that this keyboard uses which are the most comfortable keys I have had a chance to use and for such a thin keyboard they really are one of a kind.


In the end this is a pricey piece of hardware that is created for a specific market in mind. And if you are the market in which Logitech is aiming for with the diNovo then you definitely want to check out the Edge as it has one of the most stellar designs I have ever seen and if you’re looking for a great keyboard to control your media center the Logitech diNovo Edge is the product to do it with.

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