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Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse Review

Features, HardwareJoel Szerlip
Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse Review


Gaming mice are becoming more and more abundant as the years progress, mainly because the rise of popularity in the video game world. Mice are becoming more and more crucial for PC gamers out there as it seems like the competition in video games has been rising quite strong. With the extremely high number of FPS coming out onto the PC’s there is no wonder why so many of these high performance mice are coming out. One of the latest releases is the Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse that try’s to give you great gaming action with a wireless mouse. Is this possible? Read our full review to find out!


  • 2000 dpi laser engine
  • Full-speed USB + 2.4 GHz cordless
  • Two fast-swap ultra-light Li-ion packs
  • Battery-level indicator
  • Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) gaming feet
  • In-game sensitivity switching


For those who remember the Logitech MX518 mouse then you will find that the G7 has a very similar design. The mouse itself has a pretty average size so it’s not going to really feel any bigger or smaller then your standard mouse so you won’t have to worry about that. The one thing about the G7 is that it is wireless compared to the wired MX518 which to me did make the mouse feel a bit heavier then it did in the past. The mouse it self has plenty of cushion and a good feel to it that really is a nice feel to it while moving it around the desk or on a mouse pad.

One of the nicest design features the mouse has is the battery indicator which helped me tremendously. I am a huge fan of wireless mice, and yet I am probably one of the worst people to remember to charge the mouse. Well with the battery indicator you won’t have to worry about forgetting because you will see right before your eyes the indicator of how much battery you have left. The overall design of the mouse has an “interesting” color to it that I can’t say is my favorite. The green tint to the mouse is definitely different but definitely not a good choice in terms of the color. Maybe it’s just me but a green mouse just doesn’t look all that “sophisticated” to me.


During the testing phase of my review session with the mouse I tested out the G7 with a variety of games and even some editing of pictures. So to start out with lets discuss the mousse performance and one thing that has made people shy away from getting a wireless mouse for gaming was the response time which has been known to lag enough to where you can see it happen while playing a game. Well with the G7 I found the mouse to work extremely well with a very fast response time. One of the great things about the G7 is that you can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse which helps when you play a good variety of games.

The mouse itself feels great even when playing for long periods of time and the smoothness of the mouse is really one of its strongest features. While playing games like Battlefield 2, and one of my new favorite games Call of Duty 2 I found the mouse to really give some fantastic accuracy, definitely the best I have ever seen from any wireless mouse on the market. One of the great things about this mouse is that it just feels so smooth and has such great accuracy that it is hard not to like using this mouse.


The G7 was great with both games and just day to day activities whether it be surfing the internet or editing photos, this mouse is accurate and fun to use. Many may be skeptical as to if this wireless mouse can really perform under the stress of hardcore gaming and in my opinion it truly can. The mouse has a great feel and with the sensitivity changing ability you can really make the mouse suit you. It isn’t cheap but if you want wireless and want to play games with accuracy then there is nothing better then the Logitech G7.

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