Logitech Harmony 890 Universal Remote Review

Logitech Harmony 890 Universal Remote Review


We have checked out a few Logitech Harmony Remotes in the past whether it was the Harmony Remote for the Xbox 360 and the 720 both of which were just fantastic universal remotes. Now we are looking at the next step up from both of these remotes that hopes to be able to make a rather steep entry price worthwhile for all of those home theater enthusiasts that are looking for one remote to control everything. The big question is can the Logitech Harmony 890 Advanced Universal Remote make a worthwhile product for the price? Read our full review to find out!


  • No Line of Sight Needed: You can put your components in the cabinet or even the next room.
  • 100-Foot Range: Go ahead and build the big media room.
  • One-Touch Control: Choose the activity you want to do, not the component you want to turn on.
  • Up to 15 Components: Control video, audio, gaming—even lights and appliances.
  • Learning Port: Add favorite functions from an old remote just by pointing it at your Harmony.
  • Charging Station: Put your remote in its own home and forget about changing batteries.
  • Comfort-Grip Shape: Hold on comfortably and reach all the buttons with ease.
  • Fully Backlit Controls and LCD Display: Navigate even in movie-theater darkness.
  • Help Button: Confused? Let the Help Button figure it out for you. (No one else has one.)
  • Online Wizard: Plug into a USB port and walk right through initial setup or adding equipment.
  • Incredible Compatibility: From laser disc to Blu-Ray disc, find your components in our 175,000-device database.
  • Free Support: Expect total customer satisfaction, whether you have a problem or just a question.


In general Logitech has been one of the top in the peripheral business at creating the most appealing hardware products on the market, and there Harmony Advanced Remote lineup has been no slouch. Along with two previous Harmony remotes I have reviewed, the Logitech Harmony 890 is the most impressive design yet. Granted the price tag is higher on the 890 then the previous two I have viewed, the 890 is really created for the home entertainment enthusiast. The screen is by far the most impressive feature of the design which comes in at a very nice 2.3 (wide) by 1.3 (deep) size. Most universal remotes don’’t even come with LCD screens and the one included in the Harmony 890 is extremely efficient.

The ergonomics of the remote leave little room to complain as well as the light weight and nice feel of the controller is once again very impressive. The silver exterior manages to really provide a well all around feel for this remote as a serious home theater experience. As I will get into later, the ability to customize your remote is also a great way to show off that this remote doesn’’t fit into the normal category. Overall the design continues to show off Logitech’’s amazing work in the field with another beautifully crafted universal remote.


One of the most painful processes I can remember doing and even to this day have trouble doing is setting up a universal remote. I remember in the good old days buying a Universal Remote thats user manual contained codes for millions of TV’’s all of which were included outside of the TV I owned. How is that this always seemed to be the case I have no idea. Outside of that little trip down memory lane the ability to program your home theater has become a bit more complex but the actual process has become much less strenuous. With the Logitech software you do the programming on your computer which takes a lot of the hassle right away from the process. Mainly you just punch in some models and the software really takes care of the rest leaving most of the frustration away right out of the gate. I had a few minor setbacks after my initial setup but in comparison to many setups in the past I could not find any room to complain about the setup process of the Harmony 890. In fact after the initial process the maintenance of adding new units or equipment is really a piece of cake and only takes a couple of minutes maximum.

One of the most solid features I found with the Harmony 890 during my testing was the rechargeable lithium battery along with the docking station which is highly convenient. I am one who never carries any AA batteries at home and the fact that I don’’t have to worry about finding batteries lying around the house is a huge benefit. Another neat feature that I liked was the motion detection which wakes when moved, this seems to conserve power and not only work as a smart interface to react to your movements.

In general the idea of a home theater remote is to have one device to control everything in your entertainment center. The actual execution in this area is where many remotes struggle tremendously and to me Logitech has really grown with each and every remote I have checked out. In my month long testing (which allowed me just to make the feel the remote to be a part of my household) I never once had problems with the battery or with anyone continually struggling to use it as the buttons and menus are really self explanatory. Logitech makes everything very self explanatory and allows you to really just sit down and use the product.

Finally the last great feature which I haven’’t even really touched on is the RF technology which is far superior to the previous technology of IR technology which means now the clear line of sight is not necessary. In general the remote itself packs a very powerful punch, one in which in my opinion throws a lot of big guns and features at you hoping that something really sparks your interest. In my testing of the remote this is really what someone who spends hours in there entertainment center, loves watching TV, movies, and really wants to feel the power of the control in his/her hand.


Thus far I have been just overwhelmed by the great success of the Logitech Harmony 890 Advanced Universal Remote however as an editor I have to take all of this with a grain of salt and that is also incorporating the price into the package. In my opinion this is a drop dead amazing remote but for the price I truly don’’t know if it packs a strong enough punch.

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