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Logitech MX 3100 Review

Features, HardwareJoel Szerlip
Logitech MX 3100 Review


We recently looked at Logitech’s Budget duo in the Logitech LX300 which proved to be a very good budget combo. Now Logitech let me move up in the world with the Logitech MX 3100 keyboard and mouse duo which is more of the “up-scale” package. So many times we see these more expensive products and they just never seem to be worth the high price tags. It’s defiantly a confusing market and you got to be careful to really research keyboards and mice before you make a purchase. So does the Logitech MX 3100 make for a premier package or is this one that’s not worth the $150 price tag? Read our full review to find out!

Package Contents

  • MX 3000 Cordless Keyboard
  • MX 1000 Laser Cordless Mouse
  • Rapid Charge Battery Station
  • AC Power Adapter
  • MediaLife Software
  • CD with Software & User Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • USB to PS/2 Adapter
  • Two AA Alkaline Batteries (Keyboard)
  • Three Year Limited Warranty


If you look back at my previous review of the LX 300 I can be quoted as saying that, that product was a good looking duo. Well let’s just say this is defiantly wearing the price tag on its sleeve because the MX 3100 looks fantastic. I can honestly say with all of the different style keyboard out on the market today this is the best looking one I have seen.

The one thing I like the most about this duo are the color choices that were used for both the keyboard and mouse as they seem to go a little away from what we have all become used to. Both keyboard and mouse have a dark green/blue look to it with some definite touches of silver and black through each. As you can most likely see in the picture gallery below this is an easy call as the pictures really speak for themselves. With that being said I must tell you the pictures don’t even begin to give this combo justice as it really has the whole ten yard in terms of design. I am just going to stop drooling now and just say that this is a fancy looking duo that will impress all your friends.


By far the most looked at and talked about product in this package is of course the MX 1000, and for good reason. This is the first in Logitech’s line to use the new and supposedly improved “Laser” technology. That’s right everybody, when we thought optical was the way to go, technology keeps improving and here we are with a laser mouse which (according to the back of the box) gives “20x the Tracking Power of a Standard Optical”. How is this possible you might ask? Well I did some research on this technology and to be it quite simply the laser just gives much more accuracy and allows the mouse to see the very small details in order to be able to track on any surface. But I mean to be quite honest that is all fine but all this technology “mombo jumbo” would mean nothing if the mouse didn’t perform well, and thus we move onto the actual critiquing part of this review.

Alright so first we got to install the mouse and this process is extremely easy but if you are in need of help the product does come with quite a bit of instructions. So you plug in the charging station (via PS/2 or USB) for the mouse so you can recharge the mouse’s lithium ion battery. I found that my computer ran the mouse fine without installing the drivers, but of course without the drivers you don’t get to setup the entire mouse features. You can see Logitech wanted to bring out all the stops with this combo as the software provided is a huge leap ahead of there previous MouseWare software. Now with the “SetPoint” software you get a much more enhanced piece of software that really allows you to customize all of the mouse many features.

Why does mouse need software you might ask? Because this mouse comes with a total of eight buttons, and for a mouse that is a ton! And with this handy software you can really do whatever you want with this mouse in order to suit your specific needs. And what is nice is the software easily allows you to do this within a few minutes you will have your mouse setup the way you want it.

So how does the mouse perform compared to other mice on the market today? Well the first thing you will notice about this mouse is that it’s heavy, but hey its just sitting on your desk anyways so to me that wasn’t a big deal. However for those of you “left handers” out there (me included) this mouse was created specifically for the right handed person in mind. With that being said I am going to go on a mini-rant saying that Logitech and all mice manufacturers should make both a left handed and right handed version! With that being said I normally use my right hand with mice anyways so using this was not all that big of a deal. So with all that being said I must say that I was extremely impressed with how well the mouse performed. The accuracy of this mouse was not only noticeable but it was just one of those things that now that I have used a laser mouse I don’t want to go back to optical.

For gaming purposes this mouse actually performs great, if you can get over the fact that it is a bit heavier then most mice this is still a great mouse that combines accuracy with a sleek and extremely comfortable design. The only other complaint I have about this mouse is that it can be a little big for those of us out there with smaller hands, but with that being said for the majority of us out there once we use this mouse we are not going to want to use any other.


Ok so I talked quite highly of the MX1000 mouse, but what do I think about the keyboard counterpart. Does this keyboard live up to its end of the bargain or is this one of those lop-sided combos?

Alright well like I said earlier I really liked the look of the keyboard in the package which by the way is the MX3000. Of course in this day and age you couldn’t just simply have a keyboard and that’s it, no, no, these days you have to have a keyboard plus a ton of buttons which is exactly what the MX3000 is, a very sleek keyboard with a whole lot of extra buttons. Then this raises the question are the buttons useful or annoying?

Well actually the keyboard actually has some very useful buttons that I personally haven’t seen a whole lot on keyboards, and will probably make a lot of you guys out there very happy. First off the keyboard of course features media controls, like the Play, Pause, Forward and Back buttons, as well as a Rip and Burn button that allows you to simply click the corresponding buttons to rip and burn CD’s (we are obviously getting lazy). Not only that but of course a lot of us love listening to online radio so you have three presets you can press located at the top of the keyboard. My favorite shortcut button would be the instant messenger status buttons which allows you to put on an away message or take you back online. I am sorry but I have to say but these keyboard shortcuts are really for all of us (sadly including myself) who love getting things done quickly.

Once again all of these extra buttons can be programmed with the provided software which once again is tremendously easy to use. It does take a little longer to program the keyboards shortcuts as there are so many but if you take the time at the beginning to program all of the buttons then you will surely be rewarded in the long run. And now we must start to wind up this part of the review by talking about the keyboard itself and the feel of the keyboard.

The feel of the keyboard itself is really one that I think will really suit most peoples needs. The keys are not necessarily hard but not to soft either giving a very comfortable feel that really was impressive. Using this keyboard does take some time to get used to but I have to say once you get used to all of the shortcuts you will be sure to find that this is a very solid keyboard.


I know, I know you are probably saying, Joel you seem to be giving Logitech some pretty high marks in your last two reviews. And let me just tell all of you I used this duo for two weeks straight doing photo editing, gaming, internet browsing, shopping, you name it I did it with this combo and I must say this is the most impressive keyboard/mouse duo I have ever worked with.

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