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Logitech V500 Cordless Mouse Review

Features, HardwareJoel Szerlip
Logitech V500 Cordless Mouse Review


If you didn’t already know this day and age seems to be all about mobility and therefore we are seeing a very common trend of people going away from desktop PC’s, which used to dominate the markets onto the notebook computers. Why you might ask? Well first off they are much more portable and they are getting very comparable in speeds to where you won’t have to worry about having such major gaps in performance between the two. With that being said I think the most common complaint I here about laptops is the touch mouse pad. Personally I really like them in fact most computer use is from my laptop and my little laptop touchpad. But now Logitech has come out with a little gizmo that is actually a wireless laptop mouse. So does this mouse do all that it was set out to do? Just keep reading to find out!


  • Two-button cordless mouse
  • 2D Scroll Panel replaces traditional scrolling wheel
  • Fused aluminum skin
  • 2.4GHz Micro receiver
  • Supports USB interface


Let’s just say when I opened the package from Logitech when this mouse came I had a lot of things running through my head. First off I was pretty worried because the mouse seemed awfully small, and second off I was worried because the wireless idea for such a small mouse wasn’t sitting all that well with me. So let’s just say I had some doubt going into this review with how well the V500 was going to perform.

So first and foremost this cordless notebook mouse is quite a bit smaller then the average mouse you are probably used to working with. With that being said the mouse does include an expandable chassis that does allow the mouse to sit up a bit more then without it. The design of this mouse was made for a specific reason in mind and that was for it to be portable and in this case the design of the V500 actually did quite good. The wireless receiver is actually quite impressive as it is just a tiny little USB plug in that actually fits inside of the V500 mouse for storage purposes. This is one of the unit’s strongest features as it allows you to really pack this mouse up in an easy package, and also stops you from forgetting the receiver in the first place.

To really sum up the design of the Logitech V500 it is really the best looking mouse I have seen, and I have no hesitation in saying that. It has just such a sleek and profound look that I can guarantee if you take it out in a crowd your going to get a lot of people glancing over at you.


Like I mentioned earlier I am a big laptop user, in fact many people know me for always having my laptop by my side. Sad I know, but let’s just say I get every dollar out of my laptop purchases. With that being said I do use my laptop quite a bit yet have never really considered a mouse for it. So with all of this being said I used this laptop through all conditions whether it was browsing the internet, researching for a term paper, or even playing games this mouse has been through it all, and here are the results.

For normal everyday activities on the laptop such as Internet browsing and communication this is where the mouse performs at its top potential and this is mainly due to the lack of a scroll wheel. Your probably saying why would this being a good thing. Well Logitech has come up with there own substitution for the scroll wheel with a touch pad that works in the same manner as an iPod. With that being said there is still some time that it takes to get used this touch scrolling technique. Once you do get used to it you will similar to me probably prefer it over the actual scroll wheel that we find on most mouse’s these days. To be honest with you this entire mouse was made for this type of usage and it works perfectly for this. I really encountered no problems with the mouse during normal usage and for that this mouse actually really impressed me.

Now when you put more stress on this mouse like with video games or image editing this is not a mouse that is going to impress as much. From my experiences with the mouse I have found that for gaming in general this mouse isn’t as accurate as many of Logitech’s other mouse’s we have looked at in the past. With that being said for a mouse made for a laptop and portability gaming isn’t really the normal use for this product so I do give some leeway in that respect.

The overall usability of this product is actually quite great and I think that is mostly because of its very transportable form factor. This mouse is such useful products if you do, do a lot of traveling or transporting of your laptop that it makes this product even more desirable.


If you are in the market for a laptop mouse that you want to be able to lug around without taking up a whole lot of space then this mouse would be a perfect option for you. The retail price is a little steep just under $70 but if you do your homework you can find the unit for much cheaper. So if you aren’t planning on using the mouse for extremely long periods of time then I would highly recommend this mouse as it is very portable and an excellent solution for any laptop user.

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