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Logitech X-240 2.1 Speakers Review

Features, HardwareJoel Szerlip
Logitech X-240 2.1 Speakers Review


I have tested 2.1 speaker systems in all different areas in the price spectrum, there have been some in the upwards of three to five hundred dollars, all the way down to thirty bucks. Today we are checking out what I would consider a more budget friendly approach from Logitech which creates speakers for all the areas of the budget. However the big question that comes up with any product that can be given a budget label would be, are you giving away to much quality in sound and sophistication if you go for a less expensive speaker set. Well we have that answer for you, plus much more, right here in our review of the Logitech X-240 2.1 Speaker System.


  • Integrated Stowaway Cradle: Slide out to charge, sync or play your digital music player.
  • Control Pod: Keep volume, power and your headphone jack at your fingertips.
  • Stereo Headphone Jack: Enjoy your music privately whenever you want.
  • High-excursion Drivers: Get rich, full sound from sleek speakers.
  • Real-time Bass Equalization: Maximize bass response and minimize distortion.
  • Ported Down-firing Sub woofer with 4" Drivers: Enjoy deeper bass thanks to greater air displacement


One of the biggest concerns for any speaker system is size, as this really can make or break a speaker system right out of the box. For example a sub woofer needs a certain bit of size to give it that true sub woofer feeling, but you also don’’t want a pile of large bricks sitting on your office desk either, no one has that much space and if they do they don’’t want a sub woofer taking it. However Logitech hits a good median both on the size of the sub woofer and the satellite speakers. They are a bit smaller then what I have seen in other Logitech 2.1 Speaker Systems and will work really well in a small environment. What I really enjoyed in terms of design was the central dock/control station that has a slick little slide out function for your MP3 player something I will not be alone in enjoying.

The whole package comes in a nice black, it isn’’t as so much glossy as many other products these days, but more of a defined black that actually has a bit of sophistication linked with it. Logitech knows how to give a nice paint job, and really continues this with there work on the Logitech X-240. To be perfectly straight with you, on design alone, you would have no idea that this is a budget system, it looks that slick and that nice.


Now comes the fun part, the testing of the Logitech X-240. We already know that Logitech made a great looking system, and sure if its just going to sit on your desk for years to come then you can stop reading there, but how does the sound quality measure up? Well lets begin with using your MP3 player with the X-240 which may be one of the stronger reasons for someone purchasing the speakers. Well luckily if you own a iPod or a Zune, Logitech included the necessary inputs for those devices to make for 100% simple installation, it is literally plug and play and it works great. I had zero complaints in terms of the MP3 implementation, and was extremely happy to see Logitech bringing that into there budget speaker system.

But here comes the true testing, to test out the speakers I looked at what I felt most people who would be in the market for this setup would be looking at it for and I thought of three areas Music, Movies, and Games. Starting off with Music I felt that the speakers actually held up pretty good, during some of the more instrumental bits I wasn’’t overwhelmed with the clarity but I was satisfied none the less. There are just very small differences between what you would see in these speakers and what you would hear from a bit more finely tuned 2. 1 system. The differences aren’’t massive but for an audio enthusiast this would be a big deal.

In terms of playing games and watching movies which more and more is becoming one in the same, the speakers held up great, except for in explosions. I just was not 100% satisfied with the quality of the sub woofer which really didn’’t give that overwhelming finish to an explosion. I am not saying they were bad it just didn’’t feel like the sub woofer had the power in it to really hold itself together during some of the stronger audio sequences like explosions. Overall though the speakers system performed beautifully, and besides a few smaller areas that I felt needed a bit more of a punch the speakers really held up quite good.


In the end the Logitech X-240 was a solid 2.1 speaker system, which for the price really does make for a great budget system. Would I say spend an extra fifty bucks on a more expensive system? My answer to that would be that it really depends on whether or not you’re looking to get everything out of your music, gaming, and movie experience.

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