Logitech Z-10 Interactive Speakers Review

Logitech Z-10 Interactive Speakers Review


I have many friends in the hardware industry who have told me that the age of stereo speakers was long and over and that we would all be going to surround sound or at least simulated surround sound. Well according to Logitech they don’t think so as they have released a branch new speaker setup that hosts some pretty nifty bells and whistles that would put your cheap beige $10 pair that you got bundled with your computer to shame. So the big question is, does Logitech have a winning combo on their hands with the Z-10 Interactive Speakers System? Read our full review to find out!


  • For greater command of commonly-used functions such as Volume, Bass, Treble, Play, Pause, Next, and Previous.
  • The graphic LCD shows track information such as artist and song title, total and elapsed time, and other useful information from your PC.
  • Four convenient presets let you quickly save and recall your favorite Internet radio stations and playlists.
  • A 30W RMS two-way speaker design delivers the clear highs and incredible lows. The digital crossover EQ ensures natural, balanced sound.
  • Plug in headphones for private listening, or connect your favorite MP3 or CD player to the auxiliary input.
  • The included USB cable carries both audio and track information from your PC, for a simple, no-hassle installation.


One of the big areas in which Logitech has really proven to be quite strong at doing is creating beautiful looking products. Whether it be keyboards and mice or speakers, this is a company that knows how to make some great looking peripherals. One of the initial design flaws that the Z-10 possesses is its sheer size which is much larger than your typical desktop speakers. The only benefit to this is that they probably also look a whole lot better then what most of us have seen with a beautiful glossy black finish that a lot of new products have been going with lately.

One of the biggest eye droppers is the beautiful LCD panel that can be found on the front of the speaker that can provide a wealth of information. The LCD definitely looks like a “tech” persons dream come true and in some respects it is. The speakers are really just a very simplistic but stylish set of speakers that do take up more room then your average pair of speakers but at the same time they have a good enough design to warrant the space.


I am always curious with a new pair of speakers what to expect from them as you can imagine there is really a wide range of things you can expect. So to test out the speakers I put them through a wide array of tests ranging from music to games to movies just to see how versatile and how high of quality the speakers were going to be able to put out. First off I should say that right away I was amazed at how much power these bad boys had and that these speakers can truly get to a pretty high mark. When I was listening to some music I decided to see how loud these could go and found my walls have some serious vibrations from them.

One of the upgrades that these speakers have are touch sensitive buttons something that is another trend in the industry lately. These touch sensitive buttons are actually really responsive something that other products haven’t had as much luck with. There is a learning curve to get the right touch down, but once you start to get the hang of it the controls were just as good if not better than what we have seen in other products like this. I really became accustomed to the controls on the speaker during my review process and now have no problem using them.

One of the biggest things that made me a fan of the Z-10 speakers was the front LCD which actually ends up being quite useful whether it is telling you the date/time or the song that is playing on your computer. There is the software that comes with the speakers that really allows you to get the most out of your speakers if you put the time into customizing and programming your speakers then you will reap a really custom experience something that your cheap ten dollar speakers couldn’t come close to doing.


I would have liked to see the price down to the $100 range and I could see it taking off like wild fire. However if you’re in the market this holiday season for a nice audio setup for your home computer, the Logitech Z-10 Interactive Speakers System is a great choice for you.

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