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Logitech Z2300 Review

Features, HardwareJoel Szerlip
Logitech Z2300 Review


It is hard to really find a set of speakers that really is everything that you’re looking for, probably mostly because there are so many great sets of speakers out there that it can be hard to choose which one would be right for you. We have covered quite a few sets of speakers ranging from 5.1 to 2.0 type systems even with some MP3 speaker systems as well. Well now we get to check out what we would like to consider a “high class” set of 2.1 speakers that try’s to get you to want to put down the extra cash for extra performance. So do they succeed in making you want to do that? Well you should read my review to find out.


  • 200 watts of RMS power (400 watts of peak power) deliver thunderous audio for music, movies, and games
  • 8-inch long-throw subwoofer driver with flared bass port pounds out powerful, distortion-free bass
  • Polished aluminum phase plug at the center of the driver outperforms conventional 2-way designs
  • Included adapter lets you connect the speakers directly to your DVD player, CD player, or video game console


The design of speakers for some may not be all that important but when you realize how these crucial elements to your PC experience that not only are outputting your sound but they are also quite a fashion statement as well. Well today we got to check out the Logitech Z-2300 speakers and boy do they have one of the slickest silver styles I have seen on a set of speakers. I must say that the speakers just have such clean cuts and really just have one of the nicest designs I have seen in a set of speakers in quite sometime.

One thing I did notice in comparison to other sets of 2.1 speakers is that the subwoofer is actually quite large and although the outward appearance of the speakers are great I can’t help but think that for how large this speaker is it is going to take up quite a bit of room which may be somewhat of a problem for people who are tight on space.


For these speakers I really gave them a thorough testing session in games, music and movie playback. First up the setup of these speakers is as easy as 2.1 speakers come and that means it is only going to take you a few minutes to get everything setup and ready to go. If you are not very experienced in speakers don’t worry because Logitech includes a great set of instructions to help you out as well.

From my experiences this set of speakers never ceased to amaze me with the crisp quality for all three categories. I tried out the speakers by watching Saving Private Ryan and was honestly amazed with how high of quality they gave. Also these speakers when turned up quite loudly still give that great sense of quality but they also just can really shake the room with how loud they get.

When I tested the speakers out on a few of my latest PC titles like SWAT 4 and Half Life 2 I have to admit that the experience really was enhanced by this speaker set. You just got that feeling of such high quality that it was hard to really have any negatives to complain about. I think that after testing these speakers on all aspects that I possibly could I was left realizing that these were some extremely well made speakers that were of the highest quality.


The one thing for me that really held these speakers back from being the top of the line is first the size of the subwoofer which is a bit to big for my tastes and second off the high price tag which is enough to come close to buying you a full surround sound setup. With that being said if you are looking for a high quality speaker system then you can’t go wrong with the Logitech Z-2300.

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