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Thermaltake Aguila Review

Features, HardwareJoel Szerlip
Thermaltake Aguila Review


I am one who really does enjoy checking out some of the new PC cases that come out on the market. The reason for this is that you get to see some of the innovative ways in which the case manufacturers are making their cases even better and better. Today we are checking out the latest case from Thermaltake one of the most well known case manufacturer out on the market today. So how does the new Thermaltake Aguila end up turning out? Read our full review to find out!


  • Middle tower, all aluminum case
  • ATX/BTX compatible (BTX upgrade kit is optional)
  • Fits up to standard ATX & BTX motherboard
  • Meshed front grill to maximize ventilation performance
  • Dual 12[# page_content #]mm silent front and rear fan
  • Liquid cooling system upgradeable


One thing that Thermaltake is known for are there case designs which seems to be one of the key features of the Thermaltake Aguila which is a pretty snazzy looking case. Most of all I like the front bezel which has a nice mesh style which offers a simplistic but very stylish look for this case. On the side of the case (on my version) you have a nice side window which looks good but to me it is becoming an overused style for Thermaltake as I have seen this style side window before and although its good it still might be time for a new look. On the top of the case there are some ports for easy access with one firewire, two USB, and two audio ports. There are a lot of small design features that really help the case stand out in my mind.

In the end I have to say that I am a big fan of what Thermaltake did with the Aguila case as it has a lot of simple design features that work well. The case manages to look good while having a lot of nice design features. But how does the case perform?


One of the things that I have liked a lot about Thermaltake cases in the past are that they have a lot of tool-less features something that makes installation even easier. The Aguila takes a lot of these tools-less designs and uses them very well. One of the things that I wanted to have with this case was a removable motherboard tray something that would have been a nice design feature especially for the price of the case. The case has a decent amount of room to work with but it’s also a case that I would have preferred to have a removable tray.

Although a removable tray would have been nice the case still has some great features that make this a standout case. The case is extremely light weight with the aluminum design something that makes transporting the case a much more plausible experience. The case itself is just a good all around case that makes for easy installation and good usability. I found myself just really satisfied with how well the case works. One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is the air flow through the case which is helped by the mesh styled front bezel.


The Thermaltake Aguila is a good solid case that doesn’t have any flashy features to make it stand-out in front of other cases on the market. This doesn’t mean you should disregard this case as a bad case but it having said that it isn’t one that manages to make the paramount league of cases. If you’re in the market for a new aluminum case then you might want to think about checking the Aguila out it has a nice look with good performance.

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