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Thermaltake Matrix VX

Features, HardwareJoel Szerlip
Thermaltake Matrix VX

IntroductionI have been a hardware enthusiast for more years then I can count, and one thing that has changed a lot more then I thought it would is the PC Case industry. What was once a pretty stale market has now become a booming market that offers up art and style all into one box. The idea that a PC Case can be a form of artwork, and expression is still rather new and I think a lot of companies are still having a lot of fun working with different styles. Today we are checking out the latest case from Thermaltake which is the Matrix VX which tries to take its light weight and interesting design and tries to make itself a perfect LAN Party solution. So how does the Matrix VX fair? Read our full review to find out!


  • Super light 3.8 kg, solid constructed
  • Perfect for LAN party
  • All mesh design front panel for maximum ventilation
  • High efficiency ventilation: 12cm silent fan in front & rear
  • Tool – Free installation for all drive bays and add-on card
  • Dual USB 2.0, IEEE 1394 Firewire, Audio & Speaker ports
  • Thumb-screws for easy opening side panel
  • EMI protection spring

Design So let’s start this review by of course talking about the design which of course for a product like the Thermaltake Matrix VX is pretty influential. In fact I know there is a lot of PC building enthusiasts out there that purchase cases just on pure looks, and I think some may do just that with the Matrix VX because it is really a very visually appealing case. The case I received has a very nice side panel window along with a white exterior on the sides and a black front. The design of the case isn’t one that is going to come out and grab you like some out there, but instead is one that is a very simple but appealing to the eye case that looks very high in quality.

The inside design of the case is pretty nicely spread out and I have to say for a LAN Party style case you actually have a lot of room to work. What is also nice is that getting into the case can be done in a breeze with the thumb screws. I remember the days before thumb screws and those were just not very fun days. So in the end I have to say I really liked the design of the case it was very durable, good quality, and gave plenty of room to work with.

Testing So let me now just talk about using the Matrix VX both in installation and how it held up during my testing phase. First off the installation part of the procedure went as smooth as you could ask for. The instruction manual provided with the case gave good instructions and made the installation even easier. I found the installation process to be very quick and painless, with the tool-free installation to be a piece of cake. Like mentioned earlier the case does give a good amount of space to work which makes the process go even easier.

After the rig was totally built up and ready to go I decided to see how it would do on transporting around, and my first inclination was that the light weight was great. There were some things however I wasn’t overly thrilled with, and it starts with quality. There are parts of the case that just feel flimsy, for example the side panel although it looks nice feels a bit to delicate. I wanted to see it be sturdier and you can just feel when you put the piece back in the case that this may cause a long term problem. I also found the air flow in the case to be just moderate, you can see that there really needed to be more work at getting the ventilation in the case much better.


The ventilation could have been much better and the side panel I fear might have problems in the long run. In the end the price is good and if you are looking for a good case for a good price then you might want to think about looking at the Thermaltake Matrix VX.

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