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Thermaltake Max 4 Review

Features, HardwareJoel Szerlip
Thermaltake Max 4 Review


It wasn’t that long ago when this world that we live in wasn’t as mobile and portable as we are now. Cell phones were huge bricks tied to the car, desktop computers were really the only computing way, and transferring storage was done on the not to reliable floppy disk. Well now in the present time we have so many different types of devices to hold our files whether it is a CD, flash drive, or even an external hard drive. Today we are going to be discussing an external hard drive enclosure from Thermaltake which tries to take great looks and make that into a great purchase! How did the product end up fairing? Read our full review to find out!


  • All aluminum fanless design
  • Silver body with graceful black adorn
  • Metal homocentric polished diagram
  • Blue LED indicate data transfer signal
  • Cypress AT2+ chip - speed & protect your digital data
  • IDE to USB2.0 interface - the most compatibility
  • Compact mount easily to stand
  • Transfer speed up to 480Mbps


When I look at some of the external hard drive enclosures that I have used in the past am able to say that none have come close to looking anywhere near as good as the Thermaltake Max 4. When you look at the screen shots it looks like a nice unit but it really is even better in person. Thermaltake did a beautiful job with the exterior of the Max 4 giving just beautiful silver and grey paintjob that I will say again is excellent. I would say however that since this is a 3.5” Hard Drive enclosure it is on the somewhat big side as I usually prefer the 2.5” but what is great about the Max 4 is that it takes the size and although many of these size enclosures look terrible, Thermaltake manages to make it look great!


I have had some external enclosures that I have had a major difficulty in getting the drive to properly fit into the enclosure itself. Installing these sorts of products is not always easy and luckily I found the Max 4 to be a great easy to install product. I ended up getting the whole product up and ready to go using Windows XP in less then ten to fifteen minutes which for any product are a great thing. The installation went flawlessly and although the hard drive was a bit tight in the enclosure it fit nice and snug and you could tell that this was very well protected.

The Max 4 uses a USB 2.0 connection and although I would have loved to have seen some firewire support as well the USB 2.0 connection was fast and very reliable. I have had in the past some problems with heating issues on hard drive enclosures and this to was no problem for the Max 4 which kept the hard drive running at a very moderate temperature even after some very tough and consistent use. I used the Max 4 for around a month now and I have to say that the product has been perfect. The transfer rate speeds are fast, the Max 4 keeps things very quiet and most importantly cool.


In the end I have to say that my experience with the Thermaltake Max 4 was as smooth as I could have ever asked for. The Max 4 had a flawless installation system that even the “non-techy” person would be able to pick up and complete in less than fifteen minutes. The design of the Max 4 is just drop dead gorgeous with great use of color and style to make this fit right into your home office.

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