Thermaltake PurePower 600W PSU Review

Thermaltake PurePower 600W PSU Review


One of the components that really confuse people around the technology field is not so much the video card or the soundcard or even the motherboard or CPU. What confuses many around the world is the power supply which many don’t realize is one of the most important and essential pieces of the PC puzzle. I have had the privilege to test many power supplies in my days and have been able to really see which ones in the market provide the best performance. Thermaltake is one of the companies that has been known for making some of the best budget products and some of the more expensive products out on the market. Today we are going to check out the brand new Thermaltake PurePower 600W PSU which tries to bring a lot of wattage and a lot of features to try and earn your hard earned cash. Is the PSU worth the cash? Read our full review to find out!


  • Complies with SSI EPS 12V & ATX 12V 2.2 version
  • Supports dual PCI Express and 24-pin detachable main power connector
  • High efficiency (80%) with 0.99 Active Power Factor value
  • Separate 12V rails provide sufficient 52A for PC system
  • PCI Express, SLI, Cross-Fire, and dual-core CPU ready
  • Low noise 12cm ball bearing fan and mirror effect housing
  • Gold-plated connectors for better conductivity
  • Protections: OVP, UVP, Short-Circuit, Over-power, Overload and Over-temperature
  • Safety/EMI Approvals: CB, CE, FCC, UL, TUV certification


Some may not realize that the design of a Power Supply is actually a very important part of what makes a PSU great. Why you may ask? Well the design will tell you how well the cooling will be from the device as well as its potential noise which are all very important factors in a PSU. So when taking the PSU out of the box for the first time I was very happy to see that this drive actually felt a bit smaller in size which was nice to see. Thermaltake didn’t try anything tricky with the design by trying to make it flashy or anything but instead stuck with a very simple glossy black which works but its to bad they didn’t go with something a bit more out of the box or different. The design of the PSU itself was very sturdy and well built. In fact after reviewing the Silent PurePower 480W drive last year I am very convinced that this PurePower drive was much better made.


One thing I noticed right when taking the PurePower 600W PSU out of the box was just the shear number of cords included in this package. Something Thermaltake is very good about doing is do a very clean and organized with there appropriate sleeves that keep things a bit more organized. But like I said there are just a ton of connections available with this PSU and so I would imagine that everyone’s connection needs will be taken care of with this PSU. I should also mention that all of the cords are given plenty of slack where as a PSU I just recently used kept the cords a bit on the short side the PurePower 600W PSU keeps everything very comfortable and very easy to get at.

The PurePower 600W PSU includes a quiet 120mm fan to keep the PSU cool and when I say quiet I should say that in comparison to many of the other Thermaltake PSU’s this fan keeps things very quiet. Also I should mention that cooling/overheating was never an issue with this PSU. I have heard some complaints around the net that some people have been having some cooling issues with the higher wattage PSU’s like in the same category as this one and thus far cooling has been great.

In my testing of this PSU I haven’t really come across any real problems that have hurt my experience. I will say that the drive itself does let off some noise but nothing that is going to become an annoyance like many budget PSU’s out there. From what I found with this power supply the results were just amazing. The PSU allowed for just an improvement in the overall use of your computer. From what I found this PSU was reliable it was sturdy, it had a beautiful design and it just offered up more connections then could possibly be needed.


In my opinion though if you are wanting to do some heavy duty video editing or gaming and want a PSU that will work great not only for your current setup but for those in the years to come then invest in the Thermaltake PurePower 600W PSU its price may seem a bit on the higher end but its quality in performance is top of the line in today’s standards.

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