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Xtreme Mac MicroPack

Features, HardwareJoel Szerlip
Xtreme Mac MicroPack


Ever ran out of battery at the most inopportune time? Ever wanted to just have a backup battery for a long plane flight or train ride? I know I have, after riding the train into school for almost a year I cannot count how many times my battery would go out on me and I just wished I had a second battery for my iPod. Well now XtremeMac has a solution for you that may have a solution to our age long problem, running out of battery. They have there new product the XtremeMac MicroPack which is basically a backup battery for your iPod. Does this product have what it takes to be a worthwhile product? Read our full review to find out!


  • Up to 80 hrs audio/8 hrs video play time
  • 2 headphone jacks with separate volume controls and amplifiers
  • Syncs and charges iPod with Apple USB or FireWire cable
  • Rechargeable using any iPod charging source
  • Compatible with all iPod models with dock connector


In terms of design the XtremeMac MicroPack actually keeps things relatively simple, making the MicroPack look more like an elongated dock station more then anything. However I should say for being just a charging source XtremeMac actually did a stellar job of creating a very nice white and black exterior that is actually rather impressive. Along with that there are two extra headphone jacks (a huge plus) with there own separate volume control as well. The design is actually extremely elegant and works exactly how you would want and expect it to be, and then some.


So in terms of testing, this was not a hard product to test, let your iPod run out of battery and plug it in to the MicroPack. I used my iPod Video for this portion of the testing to do both video and audio playback using a fully charged MicroPack to see about how long the iPod would remain working and how using the MicroPack was. In terms of viewing angles while using the iPod Video, it worked well, I had no problem with the viewing angle that the MicroPack gave you although unlike what the product page says I wouldn’’t consider it optimal.

In terms of battery life I never ran out while using the unit for audio, it just seemed to never want to quite, the product page says 80 hours (varies between unit) I did it for ten hours, and there was no problem what so ever. In terms of video the product page says eight hours, I got about five hours or so before my battery died on me. Still an extra five hours of video is actually quite impressive and put it into perspective it gave me around ten extra episodes of The Office to view!


If music is your thing and that is all you plan on using the headphones for then sure I can see a big reason why you would go out and buy these earphones. For the price however I thought they would be a bit more impressive with gaming and entertainment. However if your on the go, you want to listen to your music, and you want some great clarity then the XtremeMac FS1 Earphones are a good bet for you.

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