Friday 25th July 2014,

Deadly Premonition Directors Cut Announced for PS3

First of all, some music to accompany this post.

The most unexpectedly awesome news from the Game Developers Conference has arrived. Xbox 360 cult classic Deadly Premonition will be released on the PlayStation 3 with added “Director’s Cut” content and Sony Move support.

Deadly Premonition burst on the scene a few years ago as a budget-priced Xbox 360 action-adventure game with a whole lot of heart. It will likely remain one of the most unforgettable games of my career.

I bought the game as something to laugh at. Playing Deadly Premonition meant buying a six-pack, getting some friends together, and passing the controller around. After a while, we started laughing with the game rather than at it, and hung on the every word of the denizens of Greenvale as we rushed to uncover the identity of a serial killer.

If you missed out on Deadly Premonition because you hang on the Sony side, do not pass this up. If you own an Xbox 360, you can still nab a copy on Amazon.



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  • Adam Condra


  • Jake Stroth

    Glad to see one of my favorite games is getting a wider release

  • Allen_K

    Nick, I love you for adding “Life Is Beautiful” to this post. 

    • Nick Kummert

      I couldn’t have done this post without it.

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