DarkCast Ep. 59 Part 2: Games of the Year - Genre Awards

DarkCast Ep. 59 Part 2: Games of the Year - Genre Awards

Happy Holidays everyone! This week we're continuing Darkstation's annual Game of the Year Podcast and talking about genre awards (best FPS, RGP and whatnot). If you missed Part 1, check it out here.

I hope that everyone has a great, safe and lovely holiday. But enough talk, to the awards!

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Best Sports Game of 2012

#2: FIFA 13 #1: NBA 2K13 Best RPG  of 2012

#3: Diablo 3 #2: Torchlight II #1: Mass Effect 3

Best Sandbox Game of 2012

#2: Far Cry 3 #1: Sleeping Dogs

Best FPS  of 2012

#2: Halo 4 #1 (Tied):  Borderlands 2 & Far Cry 3

Best Action Game  of 2012

#2 (Tied): Darksiders II, Mark of Ninja & Max Payne 3 #1: Dishonored Best Indie Game of 2012

#2 (Tied): Fez & Journey #1 (Tied): FTL: Faster Than Light & Hotline Miami

Best Download-Only  Game of 2012

#1 : Sound Shapes & Mark of the Ninja

Best DLC  of 2012

#1: Skyrim: Dawnguard

Best Multiplayer

#2 (Tied): Black Ops 2 & Halo 4 #1: Borderlands 2

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