DarkCast, GOTY 2011Michael

Darkcast Special Game of the Year Debate pt. 2

DarkCast, GOTY 2011Michael
Darkcast Special Game of the Year Debate pt. 2

Here it is, the final Darkcast of 2011, and it was a blast to record. Listen as we break down the remaining 12 categories of our 2011 award show and discuss our favorite games of the past year in which there are plenty to talk about.

I want to thank each and every one of you for listening to us ramble on about video game culture and hope you stick around for 2012 and beyond.

Show Hosts

Michael Perry (twitter)

Joel Szerlip (twitter)

Crystal Rodriguez (twitter)

Allen Kesinger (twitter)

Here is a breakdown of our categories and winners:

13. Best DLC

Winner: Portal 2: Peer Review

Runner-Up: Fall Out New Vegas: Lonesome Road

14. Best Multiplayer

Winner: Battlefield 3

Runner-Up: Gears of War 3

15. Best Third Party Game of 2011

Winner: Batman: Arkham City

Runner-Up: Portal 2

16. Best PC Exclusive

Winner: The Witcher 2

Runner-Up: None (Each other game got 1 vote)

17. Best PS3 Exclusive

Winner: Uncharted 3

Runner-Up: inFamous 2

18. Best 360 Exclusive

Winner: Gears of War 3

Runner-Up: Forza Motorsports 4

19. Best iOS Game

Winner: Infinity Blade 2

Runner-Up: Jet Pack Joy Ride

20. Best Mobile Game (3DS, DS, PSP)

Winner: Super Mario 3D Land

Runner-Up: Zelda: Ocarina of Time

21. Best Wii Game

Winner: Zelda: Skyward Sword

Runner-Up: None

22. Biggest Surprise of 2011

Winner: Dead Island

Runner-Up: Resistance 3

23. Biggest Disappointment of 2011

Winner: LA Noire

Runner-Up: Catherine

24. Game of the Year 2011

Winner: Skyrim

Runner-Up: Portal 2