DarkCast Ep. 36: Political Correctness


Changes are afoot here on the DarkCast. Michael Perry, long-time and awesome host of the DarkCast has stepped down and yours truly (Jonathan Miley) is stepping up to the plate. But that’s not the only change, we’re messing with the format of the show too. Moving forward, we’re going to try to have more time for more meaningful discussion while trying shorten things a bit too. That means sections will be disappearing  and new ones emerging. Today we’re talking about political correctness. We may get off track a few times but we don't have a problem with it if you don't.

With so much up in the air as to what the DarkCast will look like in the coming weeks, I would like to ask you, our listeners, what you would like to hear/see/touch/taste/smell on the Darkcast. Send any and all suggestions/comment to this email address or post them on our official twitter. And, if you haven’t done so already, subscribe to us on iTunes. While you're there, review us and let us know how we're doing and what you think of the new format. All comments, critiques and suggestions are appreciated.


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As promised, here are the articles we used as inspiration for the podcast, plus a couple of others:

The Problem with Political Correctness - IGN

Criticism Does Not Actually Stifle Creativity - Kotaku

The Problem With The Problem with Political Correctness - Forbes

Anita Sarkeesian's Website - Feminist Frequency

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Shooter - Grantland

In the sexism discussion, let's look at game culture - Gamasutra

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