DCI 150: Residential Souls - Rail Theory Interview

Jonathan talks to Kurt Gantz of Tryconic Studios about their first game, Rail Theory. Rail Theory is a third-person shooter inspired by Resident Evil 4 and Dark Souls with randomized enemies and an interesting twist on the health system. A Kickstarter launches for the game on July 18. For more information, check out the links below.

On a sadder note, this will be the last DCI for some time. More details are in the podcast intro. So thanks to everyone that's been part of the show for the last four years. I would not have been possible without you.

Jonathan is the host of the DarkCast, DarkCast Interviews, and Gamers Read. He loves books, video games, and superheroes. If he had to pick favorites, they would be Welcome to the Monkey House, Mass Effect, and Superman respectively.