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Crystal's Top 5 Games of 2011

Features, GOTY 2011Crystal
Crystal's Top 5 Games of 2011

This year has definitely been a crazy one for gaming and our money. It’s now time to see who has won the coveted prize of ‘Game of the Year’. I’m sure some of you can easily you’re your picks, but I have a hard time saying a particular title is of ‘Game of the Year’ material. However, there are a lot of games that have reached that level of awesomeness and left a lasting impression on our wallets, hearts or both. Many games have reached their last installment, which leaves us only to guess as to what is next for their story and if the ending was good enough closure to make us feel better that we were emotionally invested in those games. The true task was being able to finally decide the winner. I’ve been going back and forth with each game I’ve played and I feel fairly guilty that I didn’t add a few of the unnamed ones as honorable mentions. So with some hesitation and indecisiveness, here what I thought should make the list:

5. Resistance 3

The game itself has a great story and developed well. The atmosphere and graphics surround you as you attempt to destroy the enemy that has made your life a living hell throughout the entire series. You have to protect your family and friends, and sometimes people who don’t want to be saved. It is a great game to get lost in and destroy aliens.

4. Little Big Planet 2

I can admit it openly now.  Alright, so I love Sackboy. The graphics are great and co-op gameplay is awesome. I love switching to different worlds and seeing other user created levels and planets. It was fun being able to play on them and see what I could do about creating my own. I really need to spend more time on this game, but it’ll happen most likely after I finish a few more quests on Skyrim.

3. Dead Space 2

The genuine creepiness is the most I’ve encountered in a game. I have it on 360 and liked it enough to buy it for my PC too. Survival horror is my favorite genre, and this game seems to make me a happy panda. I was able to share in the creepiness in a four person multiplayer mode, which wasn’t in the first game.

2. Portal 2

With its unbelievable graphics and awesome voice actors, it reminded me of why I fell in love with the first game. However, I can’t seem to make GLaDOS happy and she just can’t let a grudge go. After escaping the 1st installment of experiments, I’m willing to go through more torture to see my companion cube one last time.

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

What can I say about Skyrim? I’ve put nearly half my week into this game and I still want more. This game just keeps capturing my attention. I. Must. Play. More. The complete atmosphere just causes you to lose track of time and spend nearly two days at a time on side quests alone. I can’t help but be excited each time I plan to play on a weekend. My weekends have definitely become a lot brighter.

Honorable Mention:  Dead Island