Darkstation Plays: Wing Commander IV Episode 1

Welcome to a new feature on Darkstation where we take a look at the games we like to play.

Our inaugural entry looks at is Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom, the space-sim/Hollywood movie that the actual Wing Commander feature film should have been. 

Set after the end of the decades-long Terran/Kilrathi War, Colonel Christopher Blair (Mark Hamill)) is called by to active duty by his antagonistic superior, Admiral Tolwyn (Malcolm McDowell) to settle territorial disputes involve the fringe colonies that make up the Border Worlds militia. 

A few notes about this playthrough. I'm playing the version provided through Good Old Games. There are some audio issues that don't gert resolved later on, which means the cutscene volume is significantly lower than the gameplay. Also, it's not the most stable release. Some missions get difficult to finish because certain scripts don't trigger the first time. 

Librarian by day, Darkstation review editor by night. I've been playing video games since the days of the Commodore 64 and I have no interest in stopping now that I've made it this far.