Darkstation Predicts 2016 - Part 2

Kojima’s New Game Will Be A Horror Game - Chris Jespen

Ever since Hideo Kojima and Konami parted ways, I’ve felt that the greatest loss to gaming in general was the cancellation of Silent Hills, the project he had announced with Guillermo Del Toro. Now that he is free to do whatever he wants and has announced his first game will be for the PS4, it seems like a perfect opportunity to re-team with Del Toro and deliver a high caliber survival horror game that will deliver on the promise of PT. Even without the Silent Hill name on the box, I feel this could be amazing. In fact, being a new IP could give the pair the room to really come up with something truly original in the genre considering Kojima’s reputation for innovative game design and Del Toro’s talent for creating the monsters in movies like Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy 2. Either way, I’m sure that whatever Kojima does is going to be something amazing.

VR Is Going To Fail...Temporarily - Jordan Hurst

Software can be successful with only a niche audience. Hardware, on the other hand, lives and dies by the whims of the mass market, and VR does not appeal in that regard. The idea of shutting out your surroundings to be absorbed in a game is just too bizarre for the average consumer, especially at the recently announced price point. You can expect to see these headsets garner high sales in the first month or so, before plummeting once all the early adopters have got their fill. That said, the concept won’t die ‒ the universal craving for a Holodeck experience is too strong to be abandoned just because of poor sales of an experimental product. It will, however, take a few years to resurface, once the technology improves and the price tag drops a few hundred dollars.

eSports Will Become More Mainstream - Grant Gardiner

The whole debate over whether eSports belongs on ESPN is besides the point for me. I just think they're fun to watch. With ESPN now featuring Dota 2, League of Legends, and Hearthstone, I think pro-gaming will begin to slowly find a wider, mainstream audience in 2016. I know watching games like League of Legends and Dota 2 can be hard to get into due the rather copious amounts of systems and terminology that accompanies those games, but even I love watching EVO every year despite being absolutely horrid at fighting games. The LCS, The International, EVO are only a few examples of large eSport tournaments that are being held year after year. I know that eSports have been around for awhile and have been steadily growing their audience, but I believe 2016 will be a breakout year for the eSports scene.

Resident Evil 7 Is Announced As A PS4 Exclusive - Eric Woods

Capcom has been struggling lately. Resident Evil 6 was supposed to revitalize them, and even though it sold something like 7 million copies, it didn’t do enough to justify its enormous budget. Since then, Capcom’s had to adjust scope, start churning out remakes and downsizing projects just to stay afloat (to be clear, they have some successful restaurant and entertainment projects in Japan - I’m talking about global success). Their recent, smaller RE projects have been successful, with both Revelations 2 and the various remasters selling a few million apiece, but in order to pursue a proper RE sequel Capcom will need funding they don’t seem to have. That’s where Sony comes in. They’re already bankrolling Street Fighter V because it gives their console a unique advantage in a powerful niche. RE 7 has an even larger potential fan base, but with no less dedicated fervor, making a deal like this a major win for both Sony and Capcom. The game would, of course, be free to come to PC several months later, and Xbox One sometime down the line. We’ve seen other Japanese companies make deals like this, too; last year, Square-Enix signed Rise of the Tomb Raider as a timed Xbox-exclusive, and despite a tepid launch, that game has gone on to sell over a million units ahead of its expansion to other platforms.

Microsoft Announces An Xbox VR - Jonathan Paris

Microsoft has already showed off HoloLens as well as a brief demo of how the technology will be utilized in games such as Minecraft but, despite that fact, I believe that HoloLens AR technology won't be utilized much with the Xbox One. I predict that E3 2016, Microsoft will announce an Xbox VR headset that will be similar to PlayStation VR or possibly partner up with Oculus VR. Currently, Sony seems to be in a good position with the PlayStation VR set to be the only VR headset launching on home consoles, but I expect that to change in the near future.

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